AMAC Educated Pencil by William MacFarlane

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Will Amac (aka William Macfarlane – the name Amac comes from adding the “a” to the first three letters of his real name) created this beauty just before the war c. 1938 and he also created Find the Lady.

Effect: An Amazing patented invention, incorporating a strange but simple scientific secret enabling you to exhibit almost supernatural powers. Shake the Pencil inside the tube. Remove the Pencil and with it give a positive demonstration of Mystic Power. The Pencil will defy gravity, and extraordinary as it may seem, the power to defy gravity remains only as long as you desire and may be destroyed at will without detection , only to return when shaken in the tube.

Your friends may shake the Pencil inside the tube, but they will be unable to cause the Pencil to defy gravity, and their efforts to do so will amuse beyond words. The effect may be repeated any number of times without the secret becoming known. Every thing may be minutely examined, but the mystery will remain unsolved.

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