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ABC Blocks (Mini) by Mel Babcock

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Effect: This classic effect involves three different colored wooden blocks painted with the letters A, B, and C. They are stacked on a pedestal with a vertical rod that penetrates a hole in each of the three blocks. The stack is covered with an empty square tube. Upon removal of the tube, the center block (that’s the “B”) has vanished. You can easily produce the vanished block from a hat, box, etc.

Mel also provides an Ultimate ABC Blocks where he supplies an open box for the middle block to visibly and instantly reappear in to complete the routine.

Mel produced this effect in five sizes: Jumbo (5″), Giant (4″), Large (3″), Small (2.25″), and Mini (1.25″).

Text Source: The Magic House of Babcock by Michael S. Richman

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Approx. Price: $95.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for ABC Blocks (Mini) by Mel Babcock

  1. George Guerra

    Great Mini-magic, Babcock style

    It just great that Mel offers some of his magic in various sizes to please one’s taste. Since my interest in the mini-magic of Alan Warner began, I have looked at other builders for these little cuties. I have been fortunate to get three from Mel in mini size with the Mini ABC Blocks being a real treat. Using exotic woods, combined with a reputation for both wood and metal working skills, Mel sure delivers and he, particularly, did a flawless job on all my mini sized pieces.

    Mel used a highly grained and beautiful Bocote wood on my ABC Blocks and the workmanship is superb. If you get his "Ultimate ABC", as I did, you also get the matching open box to have the middle block visibly and instantly reappear to complete the routine. The appearance of that "B" block is startling to see. The effect is a classic and you have a choice from his "Giant" with 4 inch blocks to the "Mini" with the 1 1/4 inch blocks…Most Highly Recommended!

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