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Vanishing Crayons by Bumper’s Magical Workshop, George Lorimer

(c. 1937,1982) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The first reference I was able to find concerning Vanishing and Appearing Crayons was by George Lorimer in an article called “A box of Crayons” c. 1937 in Will Goldston’s The Magician Monthly (pg. 109, Vol 33, Aug. 1937).

Effect: One minute the crayons are in the box- the next minute they have VANISHED! Crayons are colorful, and magical! This quick illusion takes no skill- it practically works all by itself! If you can hold the crayon box in your hand- you can do the trick!

The Vanishing Crayons are ready to perform anytime. They require no resetting- use them again and again in your show!

IDEA: This makes a wonderful routine when used with a Magic Coloring Book! The Magic Coloring Book is sold separately. Show the coloring book, with the black and white pictures. Wave the Vanishing Crayons over the book. Instantly the crayons have disappeared- and the pages of the book are now in full color!

Of course, you can do this in reverse as well. Show the empty crayon box. Wave it over the color pages of the coloring book. Instantly the box is full of crayons- and the coloring book is now all blank!

IDEA: You can also use them with a Change Bag! A Change Bag is sold separately. Simply put some white silks into your change bag. Wave the full box of crayons over the bag- and have the crayons vanish from the box. When you pull the silks out of the change bag, the silks are now all different colors!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Vanishing Crayons
  • printed instructions

You supply the Magic Coloring Book (not included) if you want to use that routine.

Performance Ideas: Another idea: show the box full of crayons. Make the crayons vanish from the box, and make them reappear in a Drawer Box. Automatic and so easy to do!

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