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Sweet Treats Wonder (Mystery of the Pyramids) by Don Potts

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This is the children’s version of Don Potts’ wonderful creation: The Mystery of the Pyramids released by U.F. Grant c. 1958.

Effect: The ingeniously clever routine in which five blocks are shown stacked on a wooden rod, largest on the bottom, smallest on top … like the classic children’s toy. A cover is placed overall and the stack turned upside down. When uncovered, the blocks are still in the same order! This fools anyone, including magicians. And it’s my favorite type of effect … no skill involved!

Nicely made, with a cover design that looks like a can of Life saver type candies called “Sweet Treats”.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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1 review for Sweet Treats Wonder (Mystery of the Pyramids) by Don Potts

  1. paul berriman

    sweets treat wonder is F.A.B.

    WOW never knew this existed, as a for sale item. i made one of these myself and it took from an idea on paper to 10 years later being made when i found my art work and realised how to get it to work, (the simplest idea’s are always the best and most mystical) even when i wrote it down i thought "thats not going to work … is it ?" so i built one and WOW, the impossible can be done, 🙂 (mine has a tower of 7 colours and a half inch taller tube) i showed this trick to an engineer and he could’nt believe what he saw me do, the look on his face made this a worth while trick and over ten years to suddenly realise how it worked (to get it to do it) was worth the time.
    to unstack / restack and cover with the tube (rotate the tube) lift off and….the stack still remains the same way up (small one at the top etc) ? and unstack them again.
    i would / could possible update it to even more shockingly amazing, but need proper equipment to do it, better than a 10+/10 for this effect.

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