Instant Art by Supreme Magic Company

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This is Supreme’s Instant Art that was first released c. 1965. I wanted to feature this item because it is often confused with John Breeds’ Visible Painting effect c. 1979.  The effect is similar but the Visible Painting is much cleaner and more impressive which is why so many effects have incorporated the Visible Painting aspect in their routines.  In Supreme’s Instant Art although the back of the picture is always in view, they don’t see the colors change visually.  When you compare the two approaches there is no contest.  But Supreme released theirs first and it was very popular for many years, so I wanted to include it on this site for reference.

The original version that Supreme released came with an artist’s palette with the colors vanishing, and was later released c. 1977 with the color changing streamer instead.

Effect: A colorful streamer is shown and is waved and mysteriously, before the eyes of the audience , the colours just vanish away, leaving a plain black streamer which can be freely shown. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE COLORS?

Well, the answer is obvious when the picture is removed from the envelope for there it is, NOW IN A GALAXY OF DAY-GLO COLOR. This is a trick far too good to miss!

A BIG trick with BIG colorful props. The latest “Do-it-yourself” kit enabling you to become an instant Brilliant Artist! In performance a colouful envelope is shown to contain a GIANT size 11 ins. x 15 ins. picture, all in black and white, on a heavy varnished card. Back of card is bright orange. Card is placed into the envelope and VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES THROUGH A VERY LARGE CUT-OUT IT NEVER LEAVES THE SIGHT OF THE AUDIENCE FOR AN INSTANT!

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2020) ***

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