Fraidy Cat Rabbit (Original) by Gene Gordon, Bill Paul

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This effect was created by Canadian magician Bill Paul. The routine was worked on and improved with Gene Gordon and first marketed c. 1952 from Gene Gordon’s Magic Shop in Buffalo, New York. Bill Paul personally built at least 4,000 copies. This item has been heavily pirated by many dealers throughout the world.

Effect: Here is an effect for audiences from eight to eighty! It only occupies a small corner in your prop case, but it can be a large feature in your act! The black rabbit turns white from fright when the audience yells boo! Turns back to black when they yell “boo back wards”. As the audience demands “turn it around”. After the usual sucker business of turning the plaque sideways and upside down, etc. the performer shows the opposite to reveal not the white rabbit face but the black back (cottontail and all) or the Fraidy Cat Rabbit! The white rabbit has now vanished completely. Both doors of the holder are opened to show that nothing is concealed.

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