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Flashlight Fun (Trevor’s Torch) by Trevor Lewis

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This effect first appeared in Trevor’s book Final Party Pieces as Trevor’s Torch.  It is also available in his book Trevor Lewis Uncut.  It was also known as Fantastic Flashlights.

Effect: When it comes to creating wonderful children’s magic, there is no one in the world like Trevor Lewis. His latest, Flashlight Fun, is Trevor at his best! Flashlight Fun is everything you want in a kids’ routine. Laughs, Excitement, Danger (well, not much danger) and Magic!

“I know there are some very bright boys and girls here today, but I want to make you even brighter by putting you all in the spotlight!” And so, it begins.

Bring out a full-size yellow flashlight. Try to turn the flashlight on, but something’s wrong, it won’t light! Tuck the flashlight under your arm. “The batteries must be dead!”

Luckily, you’ve got some new ones in your case. Turn around and reach into your case to get them when…the flashlight turns on!! Of course, the kids see the light. But you don’t. And, they are quick to let you know that the light is on!!

Turn around and remove the flashlight from under your arm. The light has gone out!

Tuck the flashlight back under your arm, turn around to reach into your case and the light goes on again! Now, the kids are screaming that the light is on! Still, when you remove the flashlight from under your arm, the light is off! This can go on as long as the kids can take it!! “Oh no, it can’t! Oh, yes it can!!”

As funny as this bit of business is, it is just the beginning!! Remove the cap to check out the batteries. Holding the cap in your left hand, look into the case. Magically, the light comes on!! The kids will be screaming that the light is on! Of course, when you check out the cap, the light has already gone off!!

“Must be a faulty switch!” Suddenly, the light comes on in the cap. Seeing this, you shine the light into the case and discover the problem! There are no batteries in the case!

But, there’s more! While you shine the light into the case, the case is illuminated, a glowing yellow. As you take the cap away from the case, the case remains lit up!! How can it be? In an effort to turn off the light, you blow into the case. But, the light in the cap goes off!!

So, you blow on the case again. Now, the light in the case goes off and the light in the cap goes on! Magically, the light jumps back and forth from the cap to the case and the case to the cap. Lots of laughs!!

Finally, you screw the cap onto the case. The light remains on. You shine it on the kids and make them all stars!!

Comes with everything. The specially-made flashlight, an ungaffed flashlight and Trevor’s full routine.

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1 review for Flashlight Fun (Trevor’s Torch) by Trevor Lewis

  1. Magic siow

    children entertainer "weapon"

    if you want to get more reaction from your children audience, these is the one….

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