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ABC Gumball Recycler by Chance Wolf

(c. 2002)

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5 reviews for ABC Gumball Recycler by Chance Wolf

  1. Steve Thomas

    AWESOME prop…

    This thing is KILLER. Get rid of all your old square circle props, get one that has a purpose and a real routine. This one has it all. And it’s decently priced.

  2. Andy Martin

    Chance Wolf has a wonderful line of Magic!

    This is a marvellous effect from Chance Wolf. In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing a Children’s effect that visually looks more appealing to kids. The routine is also instantly recognizable as a winner. It deals with Already Been Chewed (ABC) gum which is icky enough to make even the most doubting child smile.

    It is based on the old Square Circle, but has a number of key features that really hide that. In addition, the routine is so good and well thought out that it puts the whole effect into another league.

    These are pretty hard to come by, but if you can buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Colin Dymond

    Excellent customer service

    I had a slight problem with my gumball machine when it first arrived but as soon as I notified Chance he got it sorted as fast as humanly possible. It’s a real test of a company when you have a problem, they couldn’t have been better!

    I use my gumball machine in my recycling show and in a local theme park turning used gum into the balls used in the ball pits, we dont have gumballs in the UK.

    I have just ordered the Jumbo Balloon Wand and can’t wiat to use it, Chance makes kids props that look like they are built for the 21st century so many props look like they came out of the ark!

    I highly reccomend this to anyone, apart from the compettion in my local area!!!

  4. Shaun Moss

    Wow! See the kid show’s Sparkle!

    I have never seen such a beautiful kid show prop! Bright, colorful and BRILLIANT! Thanks to Andy Martin’s website for the referral to Wolf’s products … I have just placed an order for this art and can’t wait to set it on the stage! Thanks Chance and Shelley.

  5. Amazing Corbin

    Colorful and fun!

    This is a Colorful and fun prop. Just what a kids show prop should be. "chewed gum" goes in, it gets mixed, pulling it like taffy. You crank the sides with a loud clackety clack then the alarm goes off and big colorful balls spill out and fill the chamber.

    Alot of fun for kids, and adults get a kick out of it too. The prop is made with solid colored plastic panels so there is no paint to scratch, if the sides get marked you can’t tell and a little focused heat will soften the sides and the gouge disappears. The tube is painted, but it’s a well done thick heavy duty paint and takes wear well.

    Now even though this has a presentation built in, it can be used for many different presentations. the plastic balls can be switched out and you can turn chewed gum into real gum and hand it out (funny!) or forget the gum entirely. I’ve often used this prop when I needed a utility square circle production. just come up with another meaning for "ABC" painted on the front (this trick is as easy as ABC! ~ actual meaning is Already been chewed, referring to the chewed gum you use in the original routine)

    The load chamber is huge and the "square" of the square circle shrinks in size ( an amazing idea and method!) so when you dump your load out it seems to fill the chamber! and the bell on the side helps to emphasize the magic moment in any kind of presentation.

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