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Zapped! by Bob Koch, Chazpro

(c. 1968) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The gimmick for Zapped! was originally created by Bob Koch (see Ed Mario’s The Acrobatic Cards, 1968 Visible Poker Hand Change pg. 51). And the general idea goes back at least to c. 1897 and can be found in August Roterberg’s New Era Card Tricks (The Flap Card, pg 194).

Effect: Zapped! is one of the fastest changes of cards to a royal flush. Four aces and a 10 are fanned. Run fingers across face of fan and cards instantly change to a straight flush. Self-contained and cards are guaranteed for life.

Apart from the face card of the packet the remaining cards were all flap cards. This version looked startling as a change but of course all the flaps had to be reset before you could do it again. The effect had its uses, but was over in around one second. Ingenious method but not a good one for a professional strolling entertainer.

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