You Must Have Been Drinking II by Jerry Somerdin

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An original idea from Jerry Somerdin: You must have been drinking c. 1987.

Effect: A packet of four face-up cards is shown, one at a time, and displayed in a fan and face up, and finally all the tens are face up again. The spectator is now asked the color of the backs of the cards. The answer is “blue” because this is what the spectator saw, but when the back of each card is shown again, the color is now red.

The spectator again is asked to recall the color of the backs. By now the spectator is completely bewildered. The magician states, “You Must Have Been Drinking.” The cards are displayed individually again. On the back of each card is a different colorful beer label-Budweiser, Coors Light, etc. No sleights are needed for the routine-just a simple counting procedure.

Detailed instructions include three routines:

  1. A routine requiring a fully-explained simple sleight-much easier than an Elmsley Count.
  2. A routine requiring just a simple counting procedure.
  3. For the purist, there is a routine requiring no sleights, where the effect begins by removing the four tens
    from a deck and at the conclusion, they are given out for examination.

Many ideas are included for using this same effect with other cards at trade shows, children’s parties, etc.

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