Ultimate ESP Marked Deck by Vince Wilson

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I purchased these cards specifically to work with The Card Clock.  But if you ever need to use ESP cards in your work, they look and feel so much better than the standard Rhine ones or Bicycle ones. And the markings are really good.

Effect: We at Stevens Magic fell in LOVE with this unique ESP deck, perfect for any performer — especially those with a bizzarist twist! On the back is an antique design reminiscent of the early 1930s. These are the type of cards that Dr. JB Rhine would have like to have used in his famous psychic experiments at Duke University! Flawlessly embedded on the back of each card is an almost sinister secret, even other magicians may have trouble seeing it!

Yes, these are the Ultimate Marked ESP Cards! Most marked card effects will work with this standard deck of 36 cards (with the addition of the Infinti. Also, since the first Iteration of Version 1.0 in 2012, these have been improved with a superior resolution for clearer effect! Amaze friends and clients with your mental and psychic fortitude ad order a pack today. Comes with detailed instructions on how to spot the mark, and we must say – we were all sincerely impressed at Stevens Magic. And a plastic case to protect your important, unique deck.

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