Thin Model Card Box (Nickle) by Viking Mfg., Brema

(c. 1928,1979) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This box is fashioned after the original Brema Thin Model Card Box c. 1928, long unavailable. 

The Thin Model Card Box is completely hand made. All parts are cut, machined, sanded and polished by hand because of this no two boxes are exactly alike. A limited production of under 200 pieces, being distributed worldwide. Each box is hallmarked with the VH logo. There will also be twenty five silver plated and twenty gold plated boxes produced. The value of of these boxes (nickel/silver/gold) will surely increase as the years go by due to limited production and quality.

Finest quality card box hand made of brass and nickel plated only 1/4″ thick. Once the exchange is completed the box will stand rigid inspection.

Effect: A thin nickel plated card case as used to carry business cards is displayed. It is shown unmistakably empty. A spectator is asked to select a playing card from a deck of 52 cards. This card is tom into 8 pieces – one comer retained by spectator for future identification.The tom pieces are placed within the card case and lid closed. The whole unit is given to spectator to hold while Magi relates the past events.

Finally after “secret incantation” the spectator is asked to open the sealed case and to everyone’s amazement the card is completely restored except for the comer saved by spectator which aligns perfectly!

Case and cards can be examined till doomsday – the secret will die with you unless you reveal it. (You may be tempted to do so, to close friends, due to it’s cleverness, but don’t). This clever unit will exchange one card for another. Change a $5 00 bill into a $ 100.00 dollar bill; cause spirit messages to appear – produce a previously vanished card – plus hundreds of other ideas

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2014) ***

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