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Royal Family by Ton Onosaka

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Effect: Finally, a stage effect that actually “Packs Flat and Plays Big!” A devious new routine from the fertile mind of Ton Onosaka that blends transformations and transpositions with a classic “Onosaka” climax! Imagine this…The magician produces a large black envelope and removes a jumbo Jack and Joker, which are shown (front and back). The Joker is set-aside on a small easel (provided), in full view of the audience with the back of the card facing the audience. The magician then opens up the large black envelope to show it is completely empty and slides the Jack back into the envelope.
Suddenly the Jack goes through a serious of changes, visually transforming into first a Queen, then a King and then back into the Jack! In an effort to be fair the magician slowly shows the front and back of the Jack—nothing could be cleaner! As the audience is looking at the back of the Jack—the magician slowly turns it over again, and some how the Jack has completely vanished! In it’s place—the Joker! And what about the Joker that was placed on the easel at the very beginning of the performance? It has magically transformed into one card that contains the Royal Family Portrait, (see photo that contains all three on one card), complete with King, Queen and Jack.

Easy to use, and highly visual, you receive everything you need to perform this novel new effect including the specially made cards, instructional DVD featuring Ton-san himself and the special secret magic word! These truly are “jumbo” cards measuring 15-inches tall by 11-inches wide! Stevens Magic is proud to continue our 35-year relationship with Ton-san, Mama-san and Satoshi-san!

The new units are NOT exactly like the ones featured in the video. They are the same size and colors but have some variances from the first units produced as featured in the video.

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Approx. Price: $135.00 (2006) ***

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