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OffWorld by J.P. Vallarino

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Paul Curry’s Out of This World was one of the very first card effects I learned and although I’ve looked at dozen’s of different versions, his routine is still basically what I perform. So from time to time I look at others but so far nothing has made me switch. OffWorld is pretty nice and direct but I hate to give up a normal deck unless the effect is that much better and this is not. If you are unhappy with the classic then this might just be what you are looking for.

Effect: From the creative mind of JP Vallarino comes the most revolutionary version of Out of This World you will ever perform!

Imagine taking a classic plot in magic and breaking it down into what really makes it special. Throw out all the procedure, get rid of all that long drawn out dealing, do away any packet switching. What you are left with is a trick that instantly hits hard in the first 10 seconds. What you are left with is nothing short of a miracle. What you are left with is JP Vallarino’s Offworld!

Offworld is the first-ever Out of this World routine that can be performed entirely FACE UP! It means never again having to wait until the end to start getting reactions in real time. You start building it up from the very beginning!

Your spectator calls out the color of the next card and they are effortlessly correct 100% of the time! They couldn’t fail even if they tried! (unless of course, if you really wanted them to).

It’s more than just another “Look at me!” effect. Your spectators make all the decisions freely and fairly, and they produce the impossible. With Offworld, your spectators create the miracle!

– Expert instruction taught by top pro, Gregory Wilson
– Instant reset
– Includes a full 3 phase ENTIRELY FACE UP Out of This World routine created by Grip and Greg that’ll leave spectator’s screaming WTF!
– Easy to perform, even easier to fool your audience
– Includes the ability to create a real miracle

Warning: Do not perform Offworld if you are allergic to the following phrases:

1. Can you make me win the lottery?
2. How am I doing this!?
3. I don’t even know what’s going on right now.
4. I’m taking you to Vegas!
5. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

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Includes: Online Instructions.

Approx. Price: $39.95 (2021) ***

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