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The Lone Stranger by Paul Richards

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Effect: If it were any more direct, it would be real mind reading!

You show a deck of cards completely, front and back. You also show the “Lone Stranger”…a single card, with a different colored back from the deck. The cards are shuffled and openly spread on the table, allowing a spectator to select any card. When the spectator’s card and the odd card are turned face up, they exactly match! The Lone Stranger strikes again!

  • A different freely chosen card each time!
  • Easy to do-absolutely no sleight-of-hand
  • Instantly resets
  • Repeatable with a different selection!

(Notice: This has no relation to the Nick Trost effect called “The Lone Stranger” c. 1997.)

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1 review for The Lone Stranger by Paul Richards

  1. Andy Martin

    Easy to do and very convincing.

    This is a very clean and logical red and blue card trick that has shades of that old chestnut the Brainwave Deck, but which is easier to do, cleaner, and can be repeated.

    You start by shuffling the deck face down. As you shuffle you and your audience notice that one card has a blue back. You say that is the Lone Stranger card. You place the stranger card on the top of the deck and turn the deck over to ask the audience to point to any of the face-up cards. They choose any card and it is immediately shown to be matching the blue Stranger card. Without any funny moves the effect can be repeated immediately.

    Very clean and simple to do, just the way we like them so you can focus on that all important presentation and routine!

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