Float by J.B. Magic

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Effect: Float is sold as a floating card effect. It isn’t, really. A card is selected (forced). The card is turned face up on top of the deck. The magician touches the card with his right fingers and the card lifts up off the deck. Since the right fingers must stay in contact with the card this isn’t really a floating effect, it’s more of a suspension, or magnetized card effect. If you can do a top change you can hand the card out for examination, but the spectators can’t go anywhere near the deck. (And the deck can’t go anywhere near your credit cards.)

Since this is actually a magnetized card effect (in all possible interpretations of that phrase), why buy this when you can purchase the Gary Plants gimmick, cause 12 cards to cling to your hand, and have an effect that doesn’t require that you somehow ring in a completely gaffed deck just to do a not-very-impressive effect? There are better ways that you could spend $40.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, June 2002)
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