E-Y-E by Edward Victor

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Edward Victor created this effect c. 1950 and sold the rights to Ken Brooke which Ken started selling c. 1954.  The main move, the EYE Count, was invented by Chris Charlton c. 1940 for his Modern Monte effect.

As a teenager I purchased this from Ron MacMillan’s International Unique Magic Studio and used to perform it all the time. I loved how it used so little, with no reset, and yet had such a good impact.

Effect: Three letter cards are arranged to form the word “EYE”. After being shown, the fan of three cards is turned face down. The performer again points out that the letter “Y” is the centre card. The cards are fanned once more and a spectator is asked to remove the “Y”… He fails to do so and always gets a letter “E” at this stage.

Explaining that the hand is quicker than the eye, performer now shows that he holds three “E” cards. The “Y” has vanished. The “E” cards now become “Y” and the performer proves this by showing each card separately. Two of the “Y” cards now change visibly to “E” cards. The three are now formed into the word “EYE” again. One of the “E” cards is removed and placed face down on the table.

Spectator is asked to remove the letter “Y” from the two cards that remain. He fails again to do so for on examination both cards that remain are “E” cards – The card previously placed on the table is turned over and this proves to be the “Y” card.

Even when the “Y” card is marked with a paper clip it still manages to elude the spectator!

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