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Card on Ceiling by Michael Ammar

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Card on the Ceiling was one of the earliest effects I learned from Bruce Elliot’s wonderful book: Classic Secrets of Magic. I have performed it many times over the last thirty years and it never fails to create a great reaction.

Michael Ammar has a number of very useful tips to make it work every time and if you follow his directions you can’t go wrong. I am in two minds if the effect is better with all of the cards fluttering around you at the climax or not. Mr. Ammar chooses not to do this and I bow to his greater knowledge and experience.  Either way it is an easy trick to do, with minimal props and reset. You do need a ceiling however!

Effect: Michael Ammar’s Card on Ceiling is a real reputation-maker! Michael has put cards on ceilings all over the world – including the Louvre and the Kremlin. He taught this effect to Siegfried in Las Vegas, who performed it hundreds of times for celebrities backstage at the Mirage. It leaves a lasting impression! Few effects are as powerful as this one!

This kit comes with several pages for the routine and one plastic jar of specially formulated Michael Ammar wax. The jar is good for at least 100 performances. With a tightly closed lid, the wax should stay good for more than a year.

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1 review for Card on Ceiling by Michael Ammar

  1. Andy Martin

    One of my Favourites!

    Well, the video of me doing this is old and not very good, but the effect on the audience when done correctly is astounding. The card that stuck on the ceiling in the video was there for 6 years until we moved and I decided to take it down. Always a great conversation piece – imagine your card being left in a local restaurant!

    Simple to do, but takes practice to get the knack. But once mastered its a real show stopper. As a tip always have a back-up way to produce the card, just in case you miss the ceiling!

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