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Card Mirage by Ton Onosaka

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Before Wow was Ton Onosaka’s amazing Card Mirage, photos of which are impossible to capture! A combination of simple sleight-of-hand and space-age technology makes this a highly intriguing mystery! Transparent Cards were first invented by Johann Hofzinser and described in Hofzinser’s Card Conjuring.

Effect: A spectator selects a playing card. The magician displays four unusual plastic cards. These are covered with a pattern of tiny black dots, but you can see right through them. The cards are shown on both sides as the performer explains that each represents one of the four suits. The spectator picks one of them. The performer announces that this transparent card is the one representing clubs.

“By the way,” He inquires, “What was the suit of the playing card you selected?” The spectator reveals that it was indeed clubs. “Well in that case,” says the magician, “Let’s go all the way!” Suddenly, a fully printed card-face appears on the chosen plastic transparency. It is the Five of Clubs – The very card the spectator previously selected.

Where did the image come from? Just as this question crosses the spectator’s mind the image disappears, leaving the magician with the four transparencies he started with.

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1 review for Card Mirage by Ton Onosaka

  1. Todd Reis

    Excellent effect!

    This trick is a lot of fun even just to play with! Since Ton does not sell separate gimmicked cards or a whole deck that is gimmicked (once upon a time he did), I suggest getting several sets so you can vary the chosen card.

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