Ultra Thin Card Index by Dave Powell

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This is a departure from Dave’s amazing woodwork!

Effect: We have often been asked for a good pocket card index system. Well now we have found one.

Using the Powell Ultra Thin Card Index you can perform card tricks on stage or close up, not possible with any other method. Just reach into your pocket and pull out any card named, or perform the classic card to pocket routine.

This is the slimmest card index ever designed. No matter how large or small your pockets, you can perform any routines wearing jeans or even shorts! Works equally with bridge or poker cards. Any regular deck may be set up in minutes.

This unique system allows the performer to produce any card in seconds. The easiest pocket card index ever made. Comes complete with special index gimmicks, die-cut pocket divider and instruction book containing several amazing effects. Use any regular deck of cards.

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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2007) ***

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