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Card Box (non-locking) by Mel Babcock

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Another beauty from Mel Babcock. This is non-locking version which is perfect when you need a card box in a walk around situation.  I’ve included the Houdini Card by Don Tanner which is perfect for a walk around situation with this box because there is zero reset.

Effect: Beautiful mahogany box with light inlaid wood strips, top and bottom. The interior has a black velvet lining and heavy loose flap covered also with velvet. This is non-locking. A perfect box for the walk around performer.

The performer gives a brief story about the world-famous Harry Houdini, the greatest escape artist the world has ever known, that there was never a pair of handcuffs, a lock, or a jail cell ever made that could hold him.

On July 3, 2002, the U.S. Postal Service honored Houdini with a commemorative postage stamp. What is amazing is that even the stamp possessed some of the magical escapology skills of Houdini himself.  Let me show you …

You ask the spectator to place the Houdini Card into the envelope and seal it so that not even Houdini can get out.  You then ask them to place it inside the card box and the lid is closed and the box is handed to the spectator.  With a snap of your fingers you ask them to open the box and Houdini is found to have escaped the sealed envelope leaving it still intact and sealed. 

Of course, if it was the Houdini himself, he would have escaped from the box too, but what can you expect from a paper copy?

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $50.00 (2011) ***

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