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C.A.N.N.A.B.I.S. Effect by Daniel Young, Lee Hathaway

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Effect: If you could simply imagine a card routine and have it become real, the Cannabis effect would be it. Any card, any number has long been the Holy Grail of magicians but this effect takes it to an entirely new level.

Cannabis stands for “Card At Named Number Amongst Blanks Is Selected” and that’s exactly what happens. The only card in the entire deck with a printed back and face is their thought of a card and their thought of a number. Easy to do, ingenious method, with quick re-set version included for working situations this will instantly become a reputation making addition to your repertoire.

Comes with Bicycle deck gimmick, decorative tin container and instructional DVD.

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Approx. Price: $39.95 (2007) ***

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1 review for C.A.N.N.A.B.I.S. Effect by Daniel Young, Lee Hathaway

  1. Lee Lawrence


    This is one of the most brilliant effect’s i’ve purchased for ages…highly highly reccomended and superb production quality too!

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