Guillotine Deck by Rob Bromley

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Effect: The performer brings out a deck of cards which as a hole right through the center, as has the card case. The cards are removed and fanned and shuffled. The spectator now puts their finger through the hole in the case and the deck rests on top of their finger. Suddenly the deck is pushed downwards into the case, thus penetrating the spectator’s finger. The case now splits open and removed, leaving the deck hanging on their finger.

Comes with some wonder patter:

“This is a very old deck of cards that belonged to a famous unsuccessful gambler called ‘One fingered Joe’. He only had one finger, he used to steal Polos (Lifesavers) out of peoples pockets. This deck was specially made for him so he could carry it round easily. Even the case is specially made so it splits in two so he could get the cards out easily. I think he bought them wholesale.

The strange thing is that it is said that ‘One Fingered Joe’ could put the cards in the case while his finger was right through it. Sometimes it happens even now. If you would like to play the part of ‘One Fingered Joe … that’s great. We’ll put the case on your finger and see what happens ….WOW…. its worked. That’s why ‘One Fingered Joe was so unsuccessful, because know one would play cards with him after he did that!!!!”

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