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Breakthrough by Chris Philpott

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Effect: “Chris Philpott’s latest release is called Breakthrough and it is an exciting moment for your audience. Using a common ordinary pen (can be borrowed) he pierces the spectators’ disbelief and their freely chosen card. They walk away with a great souvenir and a very magical memory.” -Paul Green, Magic Castle Close-Up Magician of the Year

A brand new, unique 3-phase effect that begins with a feat of strength and skill, moves to an utter impossibility and ends with a mystery.

The deck is shuffled and shown to be well-mixed. A spectator selects a card – the card is initialed and then returned to the deck. Then the magician takes the pen the spectator just used to sign his initials and drives it right through the middle of the deck!

If that isn’t stunning enough, then the selected card rises from the impaled deck!

The magician removes some of the cards to reveal that the hole on the card has moved from the center toward one end of the card!

And before the spectator has time to pick his jaw up from the floor, he is given his initialed card still impaled on the pen!

Breakthrough comes with instructional DVD, special deck, and gimmicks.

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2012) ***

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