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Boris Wild Marked Deck (Bicycle) by Boris Wild

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Effect: The Boris Wild Marked Deck is considered by many international experts as the finest marked deck in the world. Here are the reasons why:

  • Marks hidden in plain sight
    The marking system is totally invisible for the one who is unaware of it and yet very clear for the one who knows!
  • Fast reading
    The marks are really fast to read. You can locate any card in a shuffled deck in no time at all. Example: you are looking for the King of Clubs. You will only need a few seconds to find it in the face down deck previously shuffled! Thanks to the unique system of the Boris Wild Marked Deck, you can quickly know where is exactly which card in the deck!
  • A deck like any other one
    The Boris Wild Marked Deck is supplied in Bicycle quality with poker size Maiden Backs (blue or red). It is printed in the United States by US Playing Card in the same way as the Rider Back or any other Bicycle decks. Nothing can tell that it contains a marked deck. The card case itself is sealed and wrapped under cellophane like for any regular deck. You can even start your performance by opening a brand new deck of cards in front of the audience and give it for shuffling. Since it looks like a regular deck, nobody can suspect you will use a marked deck
  • Ingenious, practical and proven
    The ingenious marked deck system allowed Boris to fool many international experts in card magic. It has been conceived to be used in professional conditions. It is the #1 Marked Deck in the world in terms of popularity.
  • An unlimited use
    You can perform all kinds of incredible routines thanks to the unique marking system of the deck and also get inspired by the ideas and effects described in the PDF instructions supplied with the deck.

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Approx. Price: $20.00 (2005) ***

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