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Bauer 02 – Sudden Death Gypsy Curse by Ron Bauer

(c. 1983,2000) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: —“From the man whose ancestor ALMOST invented Three Card Monte! He was just ONE card off!” This handling and presentation of “The Gypsy Curse” is so clean and sharp, there’s no warning of the sudden and startling outcome! Learn how to use presentation devices to hide the packet switch in the Hamman Count, and to mislead the audience by “admitting” to a secret move. (Cards NOT included.)

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Approx. Price: $10.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Bauer 02 – Sudden Death Gypsy Curse by Ron Bauer

  1. Bloodyjack

    I love this wild card effect

    This is the only piece of sleight of hand or card magic for that matter that I do. It has a great story and plays well. I keep the original Peter Cane ending because you can show a fan of cards back and front but the rest of my handeling is all Ron,s.
    I custom make my own cards for this effect and if I ever start selling them I would like to do it with a copy of this booklet.
    Highly recomended

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