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Ambitio by David Forrest

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Effect: After several years in development, Dave Forrest finally presents his ULTIMATE finale for the ‘Ambitious Card’ routine!

“For many years I’ve been trying to accomplish a visual ‘sealed in the box’ ambitious finale where, after the rise, EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED! I wanted it to be practical and easy to use. I didn’t want a clunky gimmick that would interfere with the deck and place restrictions on my performance. It had to be clean – you put the deck in the box, the card rises up (genuinely to the top!) and it can all be handed out. With ‘Ambitio’ I’ve achieved all of this. I honestly believe this is my finest creation to date. I hope you agree.” – Dave Forrest

This ingenious gimmick will allow you to cause a freely selected, signed card to suddenly appear on top of the deck despite the cards being locked inside the card case! AND, the arrival of the card is physically witnessed by the spectators through a large hole that is cut in the box! The case is then opened and THE SPECTATOR REMOVES THE SIGNED CARD. The deck is removed and THE BOX CAN BE EXAMINED. Finally, THE DECK IS HANDED OUT FOR EXAMINATION too. There is NOTHING to find. This is Dave Forrest’s ‘AMBITIO’.


  • Precision, hand made ‘Ambitio gimmick’ + pre-cut, bicycle card case.
  • Everything you need to get going straight out of the box!
  • Full explanation of the gimmick, the set-up and several handlings including the super-easy clean up that allows them to EXAMINE EVERYTHING!
  • The Colour changing deck – A simple colour changing deck effect using the Ambitio gimmick!
  • Ambitio: The signature transposition – This effect is CRAZY and makes use of a very cool variant of the Ambitio gimmick!
  • The Ambitious Coin – An INSANELY COOL idea with the Ambitio gimmick – a whole routine with a KILLER ending!

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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2016) ***

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