3 Fry by Peter Eggink

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Effect: The magician introduces a deck of cards, and removes three cards from the deck without showing the faces. The three cards are clipped together with a big paperclip, and placed face-down on the table in full view as a “prediction”. 

Next, three spectators are invited to pick a card from the deck. (No force) 

The magician states that the “prediction” cards in the paperclip are the three “soul mate” cards of the cards which they’ve just picked. Now THAT would be a true miracle. Could it get any better? Read on… 

The three freely chosen cards are signed by the spectators and returned into the deck. 

Now read this three times: 

With no palming at all, you pick up the paper clipped packet from the table very cleanly and openly. The packet is handed over to the spectator(s),the spectator(s) is asked to remove the paperclip from the packet…, and finds the three signed cards!!!….unreal!!! 

It’s that direct!!! “Threefry” is a real JAW DROPPER.

  • Easy to do!
  • NO Force!
  • NO Palming!
  • NO cover!
  • NO funny moves!
  • Extremely practical!
  • Start CLEAN and finish CLEAN!
  • The SPECTATOR removes the paperclip!
  • The paper clipped packet (Prediction) is placed on the table in FULL VIEW, BEFORE the spectators select a card!

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