We Remember Dante by Joel Ray, Northpointe Publishing

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Details: This 200 page deluxe hard cover edition contains the personal memories of the close friends and associates of magician Harry Jansen, who toured the world as “Dante.” From his beautiful assistant, Moi-Yo Miller, and other famous magicians such as Jay Marshall and Billy McComb, to magic historians Bill Larsen and John Booth, 17 of those who knew Dante best reveal their insights into the person and the persona of the man who became a magical legend. Illustrated with vintage photographs showing the magician and his assistants as they performed around the world.



15 A Brief History of Dante
19 Dante’s Show
25 Roy Milliken Remembers Dante
31 Jane Thurston Shepard Remembers Dante
35 Billy McComb Remembers Dante
39 Percy Abbott Remembers Dante
41 Ted Van Antwerp Remembers Dante
45 Ron Wilson Remembers Dante
49 Frank Herman Remembers Dante
57 John Booth Remembers Dante
59 Moi-yo Miller Remembers Dante
91 Photo Gallery
111 Roy Armstrong Remembers Dante
115 De Yip Loo Remembers Dante
119 Arturo Montes Remembers Dante
131 Dick Williams Remembers Dante
139 Jay Marshall Remembers Dante
143 Lee Grabel Remembers Dante
161 Jack Flosso Remembers Dante
167 Bill Larsen Remembers Dante
175 Press Releases
187 If Dante Were Alive Today
191 Backstage
199 About the Author

  • Publisher: Northpointe Publishing
  • Pages: 200
  • Location: Jackson, Missisipi
  • Dimensions: 8″x11″
  • Date: 1993
  • Binding: hardbound

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