Totally Out of Control by Chris Kenner

(c. 1992,2004) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Chris Kenner’s wacky, off the wall, and insanely informative book Totally Out of Control is back in print!

This book not only teaches you some magician fooling magic, but entertains you along the way. This hard bound book contains puzzles for the reader to solve on the way to learning this priceless material. There are thirty truly amazing effects that are explained both verbally and visually.


9 Introduction by David Copperfield
11 Prelude by Chris Kenner
12 How to Read This Book
15 Missing Link: linking and unlinking rubber bands
25 Hellbound: Spellbound routine with Silver to Copper transformation
29 Three Fry: Three Silver coins vanish, reappear, and change to Copper
34 Perversion: Selected card turns face up in face down deck twice in a row. Finally the entire deck turns face up while selection remains face down
40 Travlrs 1: Travellers variation
46 For 4 For: a four card top of the deck switch
48 Diet: Four Kings eat two cards, and turn into Four “Ate’s”
51 Aftershock: Four Coin Assembly/Matrix
57 In Ten City: Two red tens and two black tens in a variety of tranformations
62 Long Gone Silver: Vanish and reproduction of three Silver coins
69 Menage Et Trois: An at the fingertips coins across with three coins
77 Cloth And Pence: Three coins vanish and reappear one by one in a silk
95 Print Shop: a business card printing effect
98 Schwing! A rising card routine
102 Twin Peeks: Performer reveals chosen card twice in a row
106 Twister: A Twisting the Aces effect
112 The Deep: A four coins across routine
117 Into The Woods: cigars are removed from a too small purse, multiplied, and vanished
122 Sybil: a false cut
125 The Five Faces Of Sybil: flourish
129 Bad Credit: A Collectors plot
135 3, 2, Gone: 3 coins appear and vanish
140 Paint By Numbers: Triumph with a Royal Flush finish
145 Must Be 21 To Enter: 21 Card Trick
147 Poker In The Eyes: A poker demonstration
152 S.W. Elevator: Elevator card
157 Sybil The Trick: an effect using Sybil
162 O.O.S.P.C.A.: Another four coins across
166 Five Speed: an ambitious card routine, plus more!
172 3-D Ropes: A cut and restored rope routine

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Company
  • Pages: 272
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1992, 2004
  • Binding: hardbound

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