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Theater of the Mind by Barrie Richardson

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Details: 1999 recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association award for creativity, and with over fifty years of professional performance behind him, Barrie Richardson has gathered together 53 of his best mental routines, many with complete presentations, for this large volume of baffling experiences.

In THEATER OF THE MIND, you will find page after page, of fresh, practical material, tested and perfected before thousands of audiences; astonishing feats that use only ordinary items, and few of them, entertaining mental experiments that involve the whole audience, that pack small and play big, and that exploit a devilish combination of simplicity and cleverness. What you will discover in Theatre Of The Mind is a wealth of professional material at a pauper’s price. A 320 page hardbound book with detailed instructions and illustrations!


ix Introduction (Tim Conover)
xi Preface

Chapter 1: Classics
5 Ovation Position
10 One in a Half Million
16 Dollar Divination
23 The Airplane Cards
30 Molecules in Motion
34 Bill in Lemon

45 Chapter II: Mysterious Forces
49 Mental Magnetism
53 Suspension of Disbelief
57 Mental Motor
60 The Psychic Strong Man
64 The Strange Key

67 Chapter III: Shades Of Suggestion
71 Pencil Pusher
74 Powers of Darkness II
76 When Worlds Collide
80 The Power of Suggestion
83 Angel’s Flight

89 Chapter IV: Mental Gymnastics
93 The Quasi-Memorized Deck
100 The Human Equation
104 Barrie’s Move a Card
107 Close-up Memory Demonstration
111 Truth to Tell

115 Chapter V: From The Platform
119 The Trick That Fooled Einstein
126 Alphabet Mentalism
130 Minds in Unison
133 Wigging the Baldpate
139 A String and Two Borrowed Rings
152 The Lazy Mentalist
157 The Very Last Chance
160 The Totally Isolated Prediction
166 Suspension of Disbelief II

171 Chapter VI: Intimate Mentalism
175 Little Jackpot Coins
178 Psychometry…in a Paper Bag
182 …678
184 Center Shtick
187 Pop Thoughts
190 Sew What!

195 Chapter VII: Mental Card Effects
199 Do You Want to Continue?
205 …And One Makes Fifty-two
210 Almost Real Mind Reading
213 Gestalt Vision
219 The Du Maurier Force
222 Think Hot, Think Cold
226 It Isn’t Mind Control

233 Chapter VIII: Words With Wings
237 An Experiment in Remote Viewing
244 Word Flight
248 Double-sided Thought Transmission

253 Chapter IX: The Card At Any Number Problem
257 Any Card at Any Number
262 The Thirteen-deck Solution
267 Any Card at Any Number

277 Chapter X: The Fourth Dimension
281 What Time Is It?
284 The Reversed-Hands Watch
286 The Parking Lot Mystery
290 The Test of Time

293 Epilogue: Magic Friends

301 Bibliography

  • Publisher: Hermetic Press
  • Pages: 304
  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 1999
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for Theater of the Mind by Barrie Richardson

  1. Davide

    Great new mental effects

    If you are looking for new mental effects to add your act you can try this book. There are many effects and ideas but not all are so good.
    But two or three worth the whole price of the book (cheap for a book like this). There is a method for knowing how many coins from a can will a man pick up; one of the greatest predictions ever where a billet is sealed in a inflated balloon and burst by the spectator himself reveailing whatever prediction you want; there is even a chapter with three methods of the famous" Any card at any number".
    Very good book

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