The Ramsay Classics by Andrew Galloway, John Ramsay

(c. 1977) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: The definitive work on Ramsay’s Cylinder and Coins among other marvels from John Ramsay.


5 Introduction (Dai Vernon)
7 Authors Preface

Chapter 1 The Cups and Balls

31 Chapter 2 The Cylinder and Coins

57 Chapter 3 The Triple Restoration

67 Chapter 4 The Four Little Beans

73 Chapter 5 Ramsay on Misdirection

75 Chapter 6 On Thimbles
75 A Pretty Move with a Thimble
77 A Sound Vanish
79 Puzzling Thimble
82 Thimble Corns
84 The “Latest” Thimble Trick
87 A Lesson in Misdirection

91 Chapter 7 On Coins
91 The Coin and Jam Jar
93 Hugard’s Favourite
95 The Ramsay Addition
96 Okito Box Routine

101 Chapter 8 On the Thumb Tip

103 Chapter 9 On the Watch Winder

107 Chapter 10 Ramsay The Artist

108 Errata

  • Publisher: Andrew Galloway
  • Pages: 108
  • Location: Ayr, Scotland
  • Date: 1977
  • Binding: hardbound

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