Subtle Miracles by Peter Duffie

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Details: Peter Duffie is one of the world’s most creative cardmen and Subtle Miracles gathers together some of his most inventive work. Many of these effects were marketed as exclusive manuscripts and are now brought together for the first time, together with a selection of brand new routines using equally clever methods.

Seventeen ingenious card miracles are featured in this collection, including:

Two cards transpose under impossible conditions. The finish in which one card has a hole cut through the centre and yet still changes places with the second card has been described as, “Not Possible!”

A completely self-working Lie Detector trick. The spectator can tell the truth or lies but the deck will always find him out. What’s more, you don’t even know the identity of the selected card yourself until the pack reveals it!

The ultimate Holey Point of Departure. A chosen card disappears from between two blank cards. The card is visible right up until the last moment through holes cut in the middle of the blanks. Yet it disappears without a trace and the blanks are handed out for examination.

Choca Block
A completely hands-off cards across with an extremely clever method. Two selected cards disappear from a box on the table and reappear in a packet of cards held by the spectator. At no time does the performer touch anything! And it’s completely self-working too.

All Clear
You Do As I Do with a twist. Under the fairest of conditions the magician and spectator chose identical cards, twice! But the kicker comes when the rest of the deck is shown to be completely blank. No gimmicks. No switches. Everything examined. Easy to do.

Pure Devilry, in which a diary predicts two selected cards; Clear Thought, a no questions asked revelation of a though-of card; Polythene Pam, a monte routine the spectator cannot lose and Dichotomy, a prediction effect with a finish that is simply beyond belief.

Also: Eight further knock-out routines!


7 Introduction

9 Wildlife
18 Hamman Count Variation

21 Duet
21 Point Blank Assembly
29 Impulse

36 Trio
36 Clear Though!
42 Polythene Pam
45 Composite

51 Quartet
51 Internecine
60 Dichotomy
68 Tarradiddle
75 Ascension

82 Double Indemnity
82 Flashpoint
92 Restless

97 Bonus
97 Choc-a-block
101 All Clear
106 Red Alert (David Britland)
112 The Bible Code
120 Pure Devilry
124 Fusion Assembly

143 Appendix – Essential Moves
143 Elmsley Count
146 Hamman Flushtration Count
148 Ascanio Spread
150 Mexican Turnover
152 Through the Fist Flourish
156 Buckle Spread and Count

  • Publisher: Martin Breese
  • Pages: 158
  • Location: Brighton, England
  • Edited by: David Britland
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2004
  • Binding: softbound

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