Silver Special by Roy Johnson

(c. 1989) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Roy Johnson wrote this scarce book to commemorate his silver wedding anniversary in 1982. But it was never published. Until seven years later when it ”mysteriously surfaced”.

Great magic as you have come to expect from Mr. Johnson! A virtual treasure trove of baffling, practical and entertaining Roy Johnson material. Everything from close-up and cabaret to mind shattering mentalism …

Whether you are a stage or close-up performer, there’s so much to choose from in this fabulous book. Professional magic and mentalism that’s not only baffling, but easy to do.


ii Foreword
7 Noughts and Crosses
12 Take Three
14 Double Oscar
18 D.D.D.
23 Lamination
25 Plasticated: A selected card is found sealed in plastic, minus its matching corner. For a startling finale, the torn corner joins the rest of the card, sealed in plastic!
29 Cornerized: variation
33 The Coin Game: the ultimate con in which Roy applies his special kind of magic to a gambling classic made famous by Ken Brooke
37 Cased: a diabolical transposition effect during which a card transposes twice with an Ace, despite being isolated within the card box
44 Chopper!
49 Double Time
52 Focus on Murder: the performer unerringly locates the victim, the murderer and the ghastly weapon
55 Murder
57 Twin Reverse
60 A Lesson in Tiemanship: a hilarious cut and restored tie routine
64 Version No. 2
66 The Murder Game
71 The £ Card Game
75 The Book Test
78 Identity Crisis
82 Instant Aces
85 The Crown Affair: Roy’s improvements to Zoo Quest
90 Incredible Dreamer

  • Publisher: Goodliffe, Magico
  • Pages: 92
  • Location: England, New York
  • Dimensions: 6
  • Date: 1989
  • Binding: hardbound

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