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Shattering Illusions by Jamy Ian Swiss

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Details: Twenty insightful and occasionally incendiary essays on the topics of: why magicians have failed to stop the exposure of secrets to the public; why magic is held in low esteem by much of show business and the public, and what can be done about it; intellectual property rights in magic; the problems of presentation for mentalists (and one solution); should you learn magic from books or from videos; how to tell a good trick from a bad one; the fallacy of “naturalness” in sleight-of-hand; commercialism, its benefits and pitfalls; discovering an on-stage character and a style that can lead to success-and an answer to the troubling question, “Why do we love magic?

Contents (from book ToC):

xi Foreword (Patrick Watton)

Cannon Fodder
3 Why Magic Sucks
13 Mentalism Grows Up
28 Odometer Ethics
37 Decent Exposure
45 Magic in the Age of Information

61 Yesterdays
63 Real Secrets
74 A Brief History of Magic Bar
91 The Writing on the Wall

103 A Magician Prepares
105 Audience Members and Other Props
113 Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue
125 Sleights, Lies, and Videotape
136 First Do No Harm
141 Good Trick, Bad Trick
179 The Too-Perfect Theory in Action
193 In Defense of Technique
202 Unnatural Acts: Invoking the Supra-natural
219 A Commercial Message
229 Lessons and Learning
242 The Elements of Style
265 The Search for Mystery

  • Publisher: Hermetic Press
  • Pages: 275
  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 2002
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for Shattering Illusions by Jamy Ian Swiss

  1. Andy Martin

    A Modern Day Fitzkee?

    I love it when intelligent, gifted magicians take time out to really analyze our industry and art. Jamy Ian Swiss, like the greatly respected Trilogy of Dariel Fitzkee, holds no punches and makes some very thought provoking observations on magic, magicians, and mentalism.

    In my book anything that makes magicians think twice about what they do and say is a winner. We don’t need more mediocrity in magic; this goes for performers, inventors, dealers, and manufacturers. By reading authors like Mr Swiss maybe our industry can get over its love of itself and actually start to produce great magic and entertainment that was abundant forty or more years ago.

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