Personal Magic (Vol. 1) by Eric C. Lewis

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Details: They were the work of passion, these three volumes, and they were beautiful. They revealed the finest of magic sifted from a lifetime of experience. They were unique. Typewritten by the recipient of the A.M.A. Literary Fellowship and author of over 26 books of magic. Filled with hand drawn watercolor artwork and illustrations, and bound in library covers. Seen by only a select few and destined to stay that way. There was only one copy of each.

Things have changed. Although still impossible to publish by conventional means due to the high cost, the books are published on CD-ROM. We have faithfully retained the original texture and feel of the originals and added an interactive interface that allows for searching, scaling and printing from your personal computer.

The 359 pages of this CD-ROM book contains 97 effects for Close-up – Stage – Mentalism – Children, etc. Taken from written instructions and books, to watched performances and word of mouth instruction. Here are the cherished ideas of Annemann, Stanley Collins, Paul Curry, Cy Endfield, Robert Harbin, R.W. Hull, Stewart James, Jordan, Milton Kort, Ed Marlo, Clayton Rawson, Harlan Tarbell, Edward Victor and many more.


113 Bean Cup; David Hemmingway
121 Silver & Sponges; L. L. Ireland
125 Passing The Buck; Tom Osborne
137 Chinese Color Change Coins; Harlan Tarbell
142 Congregating Coins; Sands & Slyker
145 Copsil; Ed Marlo
147 The Silver Spheres; Ed Marlo
157 The Bewitched Disk; “Werry”
210 Chromo Cups and Balls; Milton Kort
215 Dice Dice Dice; Milton Kort
220 Red Moon; “Unique”
255 Tube-It; Ian Adair
356 Rapid Transit; Trevor Hall
37 Ultimo; Jordan
45 Fantasm; Fred Payne
48 Kidnapped; Ireland & King
52 Lesson in Card Magic; Jack Shepherd
58 Unimentality with Cards; H. P. Albright
61 Sooper-Dooper Optical Illusion; Clayton Rawson
65 Technicolor Follow-My-Leader; Peter Warlock
72 Mental Discernment; R. W. Hull
76 20th. Century Spell or Count; R. W. Hull
81 Jim Jam Cards; R. W. Hull
85 One Chance in Eight; Francis Haxton
86 Worlds Fastest Card Trick; Joe Karson
89 Cards to Pocket; Larry Knecht
93 Progressive Cards to Pocket; Stewart James
95 Five Ace Alex; Tom Sellers
97 You Do As I Do Miracle Routine; Bob Weill
100 Color Change Deck; Paul Curry
102 All Do As I Do; Jay Dee
104 One Hand Six Card Repeat; Senator Crandall
106 Eleven Card Trick; Edward Victor
110 Coincidence Code; Laurie
118 he Recurring Card; George Blake
131 Card in Cigarette; Douglas Hood
167 The Story of Each Individual Card; G. McKenzie
196 Look at a Card; Moe
205 Ajax; Stanley Collins
208 Kortially Yours; Milton Kort
226 The Rogues (Monologue); Anon
228 Son John (Monologue); Anon
344 Aces for Connoisseurs; Cy Enfield
351 The IQ Test; R. W. Hull

174 Two Girls and Oranges; U. F. Grant
190 Fairy Tales (patter); A. Crowther
240 Flower Show; Ian Adair
266 Scatty Skittles; “Supreme”
277 Socko Comedy Watch Routine; Cliffe & Bee
282 A Letter for the Conjurer; Bertram
284 Comic Combination; H. P. Allbright
307 Flying Saucers; Louis Bertol
310 Ready Freddie; Anon
314 Humpty Dumpty; Anon
316 Sorcerer’s Apprentice; Supreme & Lewis
322 Eddie’s Ghost House; Jeremy Crockett
328 The Fairy Tree; Bertram

13 Six Silk Repeat; “Erebus”
17 The Undisturbed Knot; “Vampire”
19 Single Knot Release; Herpick
21 Knot Release; Middleswart
23 Wonder Box and Cane; R. W. Hull
28 Silks and Tapes; Tenkai
172 Clean Cut Color Change; Harlan Tarbell
181 Acrobatic Silks; Haskell
187 Color Change Supreme; Jack Channin
231 ‘Orrible Murder; Eric Lewis
271 Eggst-ra-ordinary; “Supreme”
274 Rainbow 20th. Century Silks; “Supreme”

135 Phenomenal Memory; Will Blyth
193 4th. Dimensional Telepathy; Annemann
237 Probabality Zero; Paul Curry
292 Psychic Vision; Robert Harbin
294 The Moving Finger Writes; Robert Harbin
298 Spectator’s Privilege; Frank Lane
340 Lexicography; Eric Lewis

165 Bending Glass; Oswald Rae
201 L. W. Buried Treasure; Larsen & Wright
245 Light Bulb Penetration; Lewis & Wright
259 Ink Bottle and Turnip; Trick Anon
262 Mad Mad Balls; “Supreme”
268 Switch-it Glass; “Supreme”
C289 ounters of Chu Chin; Edward Bagshaw
301 Sand and Sugar; Louis Histed
326 Monkey Ribbon; Anon

26 Ring and Rope Release; Peter Warlock
32 Reilly’s Rope Trick; Reilly
162 King King Rope Rings; “Supreme”
176 Close-Up Floating Light Bulb; U. F. Grant
197 Evolution of the Afghan Bands; Ellis Stanyon
202 Glove Dyeing by Magic; Professor Hoffmann
221 Egg Bag Routine; Proudlock
235 Musical Monologue; Anon
243 Lighted Pipe Production; Various
248 Ribbon Fountain; “Dell”
249 Ribbon Rings; “Supreme”
333 Who Done It?; Jack Shepherd

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