Paul Fleming Book Reviews (Vol. II) by Paul Fleming, Fleming Book Company

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Details:  A book of magic book reviews by Paul Fleming. Second of three volumes. First volume published 1944, and the third not until 1978.
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Contents (list of books reviewed, numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Art of Illusion by John Mulholland
2 Celestial Agent by Charles J. Maly
3 Patent Pending by Roger Barkann
4 Patter by Sid Lorraine
5 The Only Six Ways To Restore a Rope by Dariel Fitzkee
6 Tricks and Illusionettes by Joseph Ovette
7 A Magician in the House by Sid Lorraine
8 The Expert at the Card Table (Enlarged Edition) by S. W. Erdnase And Professor Hoffmann
9 For Magicians Only by Robert Parrish
10 Select Secrets by Dai Vernon
11 Mental Magic with Cards by Jean Hugard
12 Twenty Stunners with a Nail Writer by Franklin M. Chapman And Others
13 Shoot the Works by Edward Marlo
14 Radio and Nite-Club Mindreading by William Larsen And Ormond Mcgill
15 Out Of This World by Paul Curry
16 The Incorporated Strange Secrets by Theo Annemann
17 Entertaining Children with Magic by Eddie Clever
18 More Naughty Silks (Fourth Edition) by Harold R. Rice
19 The Trick Brain by Dariel Fitzkee
20 Card Mastery by Michael MacDougall
21 You’re On! by Wilbur T. Kattner
22 Action with Cards by Warren Wiersbe
23 Memoirs of Robert-Houdin (New Edition) by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
24 Laugh Lines by Jimmy Muir
25 Bullseye Coin Tricks by L. L. Ireland & Edward Marlo
26 One Man Mindreading Secrets by Ralph W. Read
27 Card Magic by John Northern Hilliard
28 Magic Without Apparatus by Camille Gaultier
29 Practical Mental Effects by Theodore Annemann
30 Original Magic by Richard Heinemann
31 Jack Miller’s Linking Ring Routine by Robert Novak
32 Coin Tricks by Tom Osborne
33 Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems by Max Andrews
34 Miracles in Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson
35 Contact Mind Reading-Expanded by Dariel Fitzkee
36 Fifteen Methods For Doing The Cut And Restored Necktie by Frank Herman
37 Thrilling Magic by Leonard H. Miller
38 Magic by Misdirection by Dariel Fitzkee
39 The Tarbell Course in Magic: Volume IV by Harlan Tarbell
40 Three Close-Up Routines by John Scarne
41 The Dime and Penny Book by Lloyd E. Jones
42 Book Edition Of Hugard’s Magic Monthly, Vol. I and II by Jean Hugard
43 My Best by J.G. Thompson, Jr.
44 Mr. Smith’s Guide To Sleight-Of-Hand by Wilfrid Jonson

  • Publisher: Fleming Book Company
  • Pages: 124
  • Location: New Jersey, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1946
  • Binding: softbound

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