Mastering the Art of Magic by Eugene Burger

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Details: The seven small booklets written by Eugene Burger and published in the early 1980’s:

  • Secrets and Mysteries,
  • Audience Involvement,
  • Secrets of Restaurant Magic,
  • Eugene Burger on Matt Schulien’s Fabulous Card Discoveries,
  • Intimate Power,
  • The Craft of Magic and
  • Rediscoveries

have long been out-of-print and commanding large sums of money second-hand.

This new 230 page, over sized hardcover with dust jacket book, containing almost 200 new illustrations by Earle Oakes collects these hard-to-find booklets in a completely re-typeset format with new essays by Eugene commenting on his past writings, his current thoughts on his tricks and routines, as well as updated tricks. Many feel these are the best books Eugene has ever written.


18 Booklet 1: Secrets and Mysteries for the Close-Up Entertainer
18 Introduction
21 Part One: Secrets
21 Drawing the Line
23 Names
25 Contact
26 Not Hearing
27 Energy
28 Silence
28 Discipline
30 It’s Done With Mirrors
31 Hecklers
36 Part Two: Mysteries
36 Sponges
39 The Burned Card
41 Glass Production
43 Finger Tip Holder
44 Signed Card in Wallet
47 Signed Bill in Matchbox
51 Torn Card
55 Traveling Card
56 Seance

67 Booklet 2: Audience Involvement (A Lecture)
68 Presentation
69 Top Change
72 Brain-Waved
75 Brain-Waved Again
77 Water Suspension 77

83 Booklet 3: The Secrets of Restaurant Magic
84 Point Of Departure
84 Table Hopping
85 Hospitality
85 The Real Secrets
86 The Opening Effect Is You
88 Restaurants
90 Attitude
92 Random Thoughts
94 The Secret Revisited

99 Booklet 4: On Matt Schulien’s Fabuous Card Discoveries
100 Foreword
102 The Trick And The Effects
104 A Memory
106 The Card In The Matchbook
109 The Corner In The Glass
111 The Card Under The Tablecloth
114 On Imitation

119 Booklet 5: Intimate Power
120 Foreword
121 Chapter One: What’s In A Name?
125 Chapter Two: Creating Interest
130 The Card Cheat
132 An Old Carnival Game
137 A Voodoo Ritual
140 The Spectator is the Star
142 Second-Hand Smoke
145 Chapter Three: A Game Of Wits
146 Spelling Stunner
148 Fogel’s Triple Prediction
150 Out of this World
152 Easy Money Presentation
153 Chapter Four: Precision
156 Dracula and the Sorority Girls
161 Chapter Five: Confidence And Power

169 Booklet 6: The Craft of Magic and Other Writings
170 Foreword
171 Introductory Note
171 The Craft Of Magic
172 Interest
174 Developing Our Practice
176 Learning to Rehearse
177 The Tools of Our Craft
178 Critical Awareness and Honesty
179 The Future Of Restaurant Magic
181 Presentational Style
183 Easy Spelling
185 The Impossible Force
188 The Flying Match
193 Slow-Motion Bill Change
196 A Conversation in Hell
200 New Traveling Match
203 Twenty-First Century Bill Transposition

209 Booklet 7: Rediscoveries: New Ways of Framing Old Favorites (To Jack Gould)
210 Introduction
211 Psychic Sense
219 The Visibly Turning Cards
221 Ashes on the Palm for Non-Smokers

  • Publisher: Kaufman and Company
  • Pages: 228
  • Location: Washington DC, USA
  • Edited by: Matthew Field, Richard Kaufman
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2000
  • Binding: hardbound

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