Malini and His Magic by Dai Vernon, Max Malini

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Details: I want EVERY magician to buy this book…for from this Great Feast of Tricks, Methods and Stories, one will GAIN A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE and INSTRUCTION. – Dai Vernon

The life and magic of one of the most extraordinary men in the entire history of magical performance. Dai Vernon, with the help of Lewis Ganson’s masterful editing, has skillfully interwoven biography with fully-detailed explanations of the fabulous magic performed by this fabulous character.

Max Malini (1873-1942), performed privately and publicly before Kings, Tycoons, and many Heads of State. His performances were in enormous demand. The reasons why, are all explained in these exciting and informative pages!

Dozens and dozens of tricks are explained, including the legendary Coin Game. This is one of the cutest impromptu tricks to fool magicians and laymen alike for many a long day! And, you can do it immediately, with no sleight-of-hand involved!

Contents (from L&L Publishing edition, updated Oct 2017):

5 Foreword (Lewis Ganson)

Chapter One – Malini, The Man

15 Chapter Two – Malini’s Full Evening Show
15 Part One: brief descriptions of a typical show, trick workings are explained in next chapter
15 – Silk Vanish
15 – Color Change
16 – Levitation
16 – Penetration and Vanish of a Tumbler
16 – Card Magic
17 – Blindfold Card Stabbing
18 Part Two: outline of the second half of Malini’s act
18 – Egg Bag
18 – Cut and Restored Ribbon
19 – The Coin Game
19 – Bills, Lemon and Egg
19 – The Button Trick
20 Part Three: final section of Malini’s act outlined
20 Production of Two Bowls of Water
20 The Inertia Trick

21 Chapter Three – Malini’s Methods
21 Part One
21 – Silk Vanish
23 – Color Change: for silk
23 – Levitation: of two cigars
23 – Penetration and Vanish of a Tumbler
24 – Card Magic: briefly described
25 – Blindfold Card Stabbing
30 Part Two
30 – Egg Bag: routine and the Malini egg bag described
33 – Bills, Lemon and Egg: two borrowed bill end up in a lemon and an egg
35 – The Coin Game: a con game with a coin and two boys
36 – The Button Trick: a button is bitten off and restored
38 – Cut and Restored Ribbon
40 Part Three
40 Production of Two Bowls of Water
40 The Inertia Trick: tray is knocked and eggs drop into cups

43 Chapter Four – Malini at the Bar
43 Coin Fold: vanish of a 20 dollar gold piece
45 Water From Cane: also Weeping Coin
46 Coin Vanish: in glass of water
48 Whisky-Water Transposition: a science experiment
49 Magnetic Cigarette Paper: a balanced cane is moved by waving a cigarette paper over it
50 Production of a Glass of Beer: under a hat
51 Torn and Restored Straw Cover
52 Coin Switch: Malini’s coin switch
53 The Vanishing Whisky

55 Chapter Five – Mallini at the Dinner Table
55 Production of a Block of Ice: under a hat
57 Vanishing Tobacco: cigarette torn open and the tobacco is vanished in the hands
58 Lump Sugar: granulated sugar transforms into a lump
59 Paper Knife: a paddle trick
60 Bill in Cigarette
61 Cutting the Menu: describes the special knife used
61 Jarrow’s Restored Cigarette

65 Chapter Six – Malini and a Pack of Cards
65 Colour Change: using a method described in Erdnase’s The Expert at the Card Table
66 Malini’s Card Vanish: a proposed method
67 Card From Mouth
67 Card In Hat: Malini’s method of misdirection
68 Card Revelation: effective use of delay
68 Riffle Force
69 The Peek Force
70 The Siamese Aces: Two Aces are separated but end up together
71 The Side Slip
72 Vanish of the Pack: while seated

75 Chapter Seven – Miscellaneous Magic
75 Base-Ball Vanish: impromptu
75 Book Test: impromptu in the book store
76 Billet Reading: an almost impromptu, but casual method
76 Telephone Trick: card revealed over the phone
77 Malini’s Sensitivity: a short anecdote
78 Matching Matches: number of matches removed by magician and spectator are the same
79 Top Change

81 Chapter Eight – Malini the Promoter
81 Moses Apple’s Account
82 Portrait Painted
83 Antique Ivory
83 Lining a Coat
85 Bert Morey
86 Fisher Brothers
89 Europe to America Cruise
91 Just Malini

93 Additions: some details that didn’t come across in the recorded audio
93 Riffle Force
93 Coin Vanish
94 Whisky-Water Transposition
94 Vanishing Tobacco

97 Chapter Nine – Edwin Dearn’s Letter: letters from Edwin Dearn on Malini

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 107
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1961,1999
  • Binding: hardbound

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