The Magic of Louis S. Histed by Fabian

(c. 1947) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: This is a book of 159 pages giving a really enormous number of clever, usable, and really new ideas for magic. Not only is it a book of new ideas but there are a number of complete and most exceptional tricks fully described. Although he explains several inventions of his magical friends the material of the book is largely Mr. Histed’s own invention, and he is a particularly gifted originator of unusual effects in magic.

When the author has a completely new trick he describes it in toto,but when he has devised an improvement on an older feat all he describes is the addition. This is, therefore, a book for the man who already has a considerable background in the subject and for such a reader the volume will be of the utmost value. Card sleights are described and so are stage illusions and so is a varied mixture of magic between these two dimensions.

Recommended highly. Edited by Fabian, illustrated by Dennis, and with an intro duction by Dr. H. Park Shackleton, the book is a Goodliffe Publication.

(Reproduced from The Sphinx, Vol. 46 Page 340)


3 Introduction (Dr. H. Park Shackleton)
7 The Amazing Deceptions of Louis S. Histed
8 This is My Story
9 In the Beginning

15 Chapter One Magic With Cards
15 The Spencer Fan
16 The Pocket Pass
18 Carlton’s Continuous Single Card Production
20 One Card – Four Moves
22 Card and Ribbon
24 A Card in Mind
25 Brush Up Your Cards
27 Hand to Hand
30 Thick Cards
32 Again the Thick Card
35 Any Card Called For
38 Brass!
41 The Miracle Divination
44 Another Presentation
45 Before the Miracle Divination

51 Chapter Two Magic for “One Case”
51 Simplicissimus Rope Gimmick
52 Two Moves With the Rings
55 Papyrus
57 Instantaneous Production in Chimney
58 So Longfellow Wrote “Humpty Dumpty”
59 Simplified Golf
62 £1 Note Passe Passe
64 Humpty Dumpty
65 Chameleon Reels
69 Camoflage

77 Chapter Three A Couple of Oscar’s
77 Straight From the Shoulder
78 Just the Reverse
81 Who’ll Bid Five Bob?

87 Chapter Four Inspirations and Brainstorms
87 Lever-loading
89 The Milk Miracle Made Certain
90 Wot! No Beer?
91 The Crystal Cylinder
92 Tip-up Table Load
94 The Bunder Boat
97 Brainstorms

103 Chapter Five Illusions
103 The Paint Box Effect
109 The Easel Illusion
111 Materialisation

115 Chapter Six Magic With Liquids
115 Some Scientific Principles
119 The Automatic Siphon
120 Two Masking Principles
122 The Chinese Vase
123 A Secret Still
125 Milk Transit
130 The Cocktail Trick
135 Black and White Transposition
136 The Tippler’s Dream
138 Water Pots
143 Inexhaustible Containers
147 A Triple-load Jug
149 The Indian Rice Bowls
151 The Burmese Rice Jars
155 Niagara

  • Publisher: Goodliffe
  • Pages: 159
  • Location: Worcestershire, England
  • Edited by: Fabian
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1947
  • Binding: hardbound

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