The Magic of Gerald Kosky by Gerald Kosky, Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Limited

(c. 1975) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Gerald Kosky has contributed effects to GENII magazine since February, 1937. His contributions have been featured in many leading conjuring journals, in the United States and abroad and over two hundred of his original ideas have been published in the past forty-seven years. His effects have appeared in The Tarbell Magic Course; Jean Hugard’s “More Card Manipulation”; Ted Annemann’s “Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks”; J. G. Thompson’s “My Best”; Louis Ganson’s “Art of Close-up Magic”; Jerry Mentzer’s “Card Cavalcade” and in many others.

Many tricks created by Gerald Kosky are sold by the magic dealers in England and the United States. In this book, 127 of his very best effects with cards and coins have been compiled along with his favorite mental predictions and Psychic-type tests.

Gerald Kosky has performed many times over the years at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and his lectures there are always filled to capacity as the memtiers of The Academy of Magical Arts know he has many new ideas for them to enjoy.

Special Collector’s Edition of 500 copies
Contents (partial contents only – missing details for Chapters 3-13)

1 Introduction (Dai Vernon)

15 Chapter One – For the Record

19 Chapter Two – Cards
19 Card Change
21 Computerized Deck
24 Computer Card Rise
26 Kosky’s Invisible Card Exchange
28 No Clue
29 A Blue Prediction
30 To Believe in the Unbelievable
33 The Second Deal
36 Spin-Away Card Deal
37 Fancy One Hand Deal
38 Blanks, Backs, Faces
40 “Tattle-Tale”
41 THe Biter Bit
42 “A Good Card Gag”
43 Card Gag
44 Psychic Touch
45 Applause Card Disclosure
46 Impromptu Card Rise Gimac
47 X-Change
49 Kings and Deuces
51 Floating Asrah Card
52 Fan-See Card Exchange
54 The Mark of Cards
56 Presto
57 Predicto
58 Three & Four Alike
59 “You Get It”
61 Transpose & Follow
63 More of the Pocket Princess
65 Coincidence
67 Subtlety
68 Jack Spade and the FBI
69 21 Plus or Minus
71 Vernon’s F.C.M.F.
72 No Exhange “You Do As I Do”
73 “Brain Wave for Experts”
75 The Never Failing Card
76 The Obedient Joker
77 Kosky’s Card Control

(following from Van’s post on
Chapter 3 Card Spelling: 4 items
Chapter 4 Poker & Bridge Deals: 4 items
Chapter 5 4 Ace Effects: 4 items
Chapter 6 Coins: 8 items
Chapter 7 Mental Effects: 28 items
Chapter 8 ESP Tests: 3 items
Chapter 9 Magazine and Book Tests: 4 items
Chapter 10 Psychic Type Tests: 5 items
Chapter 11 Over the Telephone Tests: 4 items
Chapter 12 Miscellaneous: 25 items
Chapter 13 Acknowledgements

  • Publisher: Magic Limited, Lloyd E. Jones
  • Pages: 248
  • Location: Oakland, California
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1975
  • Binding: hardbound

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