Magic of Ascanio (Vol. 2) by Ascanio

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Details: This second volume, with forewords by Roberto Giobbi and Aurelio Paviato, contains an exhaustive study of the Ascanio Spread and its variants, and all the lay-downs. These sleights, the cornerstones of Ascanio’s magic, have never been explained so thoroughly before. Careful study of this section alone will give you a complete understanding of these marvelous sleights.

Get ready for the pleasant journey of studying the early versions of Ascanio’s classics. Oil and Water using the Ascanio Spread (a three-phase routine) and Father Ace and Sons (versions 66 and 67) will take you into the wonderful world of Ascanio’s routining. See the theory in action, with examples of concepts explained in the first volume, such as the Parenthesis of Forgetfulness, the Anti-Contrasting Parenthesis, Stressing the Initial Situation, Slow Execution, misdirection, and the In-Transit Actions.

The next three chapters include magic by Ascanio’s mentors, Kaps and Carles, by his colleagues Dany Ray and Fu Manchu, and by one of his idols in magic: Ed Marlo, all with the Ascanio treatment. This section contains tricks shown to Ascanio by these great masters.

Chapter Seven includes Ascanio’s favorite routines: If You Don’t Pay Attention…, Aunt Enriqueta’s Aces, The Trick I Would Show Dai Vernon, Sleightless Oil and Water (or so it seems), and Aces with Love.

In Chapter Eight two other Ascanio favorites are described: The Wriggling Aces and Don’t Blink! Revisited. The Trick I Would Show Dai Vernon is a lesson on Conditioned Naturalness, and The Wriggling Aces was part of his winning act at FISM in Amsterdam 1970.

Chapter Nine includes two Ascanian classics: A Baroque Transposition and The Mechanical Strength of Thought.

Chapter Ten finally brings you some of Ascanio’s minor masterpieces such as: Dolores’s Trick, The Pathology of Cards, X – 1 = 0, Triumph, Eight-Card Oil and Water, The Nine Facts, Antagonistic Aces, and A Hunger for Dreaming.

Volume two of “The Magic of Ascanio” series, the other volumes being,


10 A Preface (Roberto Giobbi)
16 Foreword (Aurelio Raviato)

23 Chapter One: The Ascanio Spread and its Variants
23 The Ascanio Spread and its Variants
24 Standard Handling The Ascanio Spread
31 Rotating the Fourth Card
32 The Vertical Spread
33 The Ring Finger Grip
15 The Three Card Ascanio Spread
36 The Tenerife Spread
38 The Palmas Spread
41 The Palmas-5 Spread
42 The Vegas Spread
42 The Vegas Spread Variation
45 The D’Amico Spread Ascanio Style
47 A Word on the Spreading Actions

51 Chapter Two: The Lay Downs and their Combination with the Ascanio Spread
51 The Burning Double
52 The Studio Lay Down
53 By the Waist
54 The Rubbed Lay Down
55 Rubbed and Overlapped
59 The Scattered Lay Down
60 The In Transit Lay Down
61 Petal Pickin’

65 Chapter Three Early Versions
65 Early Versions
66 Oil and Water Featuring the Ascanio Spread
93 Father Ace and Sons (Version 66)
102 Father Ace and Sons (Version 67)

111 Chapter Four: His Mentors
111 Mentors
113 From One Packet to Another
116 Oil and Water
120 Bang! Four Aces
123 From the Pocket of One Spectator to that of Another

131 Chapter Five: His Comrades
131 His Comrades
132 One in a Billion (Danny Ray)
138 A Card Control (Fu Manchu)

143 Chapter Six: Ascanio on Mario
143 Ascanio on Mario
144 A Marlo Effect
147 The Torn and Restored Card of Mario and LePaul

165 Chapter Seven: Beloved Favorites
165 Beloved Favorites 
166 If You Don’t Ray Attention
171 Aunt Enriqueta’s Aces
183 The Trick I Would Show Dai Vernon
194 Sleightless Oil and Water (or so it seems)
207 Aces with Love

237 Chapter Eight: Other Favorites
237 Other Favorites
238 The Wriggling Aces
248 Don’t Blink! Revisited

257 Chapter Nine: Two Classics
257 Two Classics
258 A Baroque Transposition
261 The Mechanical Strength of Thought

275 Chapter Ten: Minor Masterpieces
275 Minor Masterpieces
276 Dolores’ Trick
280 The Pathology of Cards
285 X-1=0
288 Triumph
294 Eight Card Oil and Water
300 The Nine Facts
303 Antagonistic Aces
307 A Hunger for Dreaming

  • Publisher: Paginas
  • Pages: 320
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Dimensions: 7″x9″
  • Date: 2006
  • Binding: hardbound

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