M.I.N.D. (Mentalism In New Directions) by Lee Earle

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Details: Lee Earle has spent a lifetime in the trade. He has earned his ‘chops’ as a performer, author of multiple books, columnist for the Society of American Magician’s M-U-M magazine, editor of SYZYGY-The Journal of Contemporary Mentalism, publisher of books by authors Richard Mark and Larry Becker, creator and medium for Manifestations-The Ultimate Seance and originator of trademark Mentalism props, routines and concepts. As recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Art of Mentalism, Lee Earle is acknowledged as one of the men who have changed the face of Mentalism forever.

Now, the bulk of his creativity is assembled in this single, significant book. Over two decades of “outside the box” thinking from one of the most prolific minds in mentalism plus nearly all of Lee’s published writings from the past twenty years-more than fifty routines, including many of his limited release commercial items-are literally within your grasp.

Included with each copy is a CD-Rom (Windows and Macintosh compatible) containing the necessary Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF files for producing a number of full-color, professionally designed props and promotional materials on your personal inkjet or laser printer. You get multiple templates for Sun Signs, more ready-to-print masters for the complete SuperScript materials and cards, Topologo’s colorful single-page layout, color photographs and enlarged ‘newspaper clipping’ for Bascom Jones’ Dark Memory, celebrity handwriting samples to use with an evocative Pretellus presentation, and full-size color copes of genuine stock certificates for the very contemporary Taking Stock.

BONUS: The CD-Rom also contains a thought-provoking interview with Lee Earle, conducted by the esteemed Dr. Juris, in which Lee discusses the distinctions between mental magic and Mentalism, the critical elements necessary for a successful performance, tips on how to present Mentalism to skeptical audiences and much, much more.

Contents (from Book):

iii Introduction (Larry Becker)

1 Overview
5 The Lee Earle 1-2-3 Trilogy
7 First Impressions

First Impressions: routines and tips for use with the Micro-Thin clipboard
10 Foreword
11 Clipboard Psychology
11 Clipboard Care
13 Contact!: an experiment in contact mind reading
14 Power Memory: using the clipboard to aid a memorization act
16 Dark Spirits: billet reading
17 Replication: drawing duplication
18 Invisibility: tip on presenting the clipboard
19 Con-Bination: combination lock routine
22 At “The Office”: a form to help gather information
24 The Cincinnatti* Option: another tip
26 A Circled Word: a book test

29 On Second Thought
31 Foreword
32 Aura Cards: uses color cards as memory jog
34 Paycheck Roulette: betting your paycheck
37 Headline Prediction: newspaper prediction
40 Triple Play: three part demonstration of psychic skills
45 T.V. Tear: center tear
48 Lip Service: Pseudo Psychometry performer matches cards to their owners in
51 More Second Thoughts: Magic vs. Mentalism

53 Melange a Trois: a Collection of Three Psychic Entertainments
55 Biography
56 Foreword
57 Double Bill: mentalist divines phone numbers and bill serial number
66 Photo Finale: a pre-show prediction comes true using a gimmicked Polaroid camera
72 Train-a-Thought: drawing duplication

77 Early Earle: a collection of routines from early lectures, performances and publications
80 Foreword and Introduction
81 Manilla Miracle: spectators win lottery tickets while performer gets the money
84 Corsage Clairvoyance: as a reward for a successful mindreading, woman is presented favorite flower with poem with her name and Zodiac sign
89 Telephone Bill: phone number and bill serial number divined
92 The Prettelus Principle: gaffing UPS overnight envelopes for predictions, divinations, etc.
92 – Prettelus Prime: most versatile method to switch small item within a group of others
94 – The Evil Hand: audience intuition selects the notorious handwriting
95 – Barscom’s Dark Memory: audience determines place of a childhood tragedy
96 – Headlline Prediction Humor
112 – Prettelus Secundus: prediction switch
114 – Prettelus Tertius: predicting an either/or outcome
116 Supermarket Surprise: mentalist predicts grocery store item price

121 Out of SYZYGY
123 Foreword
124 Taking Stock: was Clip Sheet, now with Stock theme – mentalist determines which stock a spectator chose as going bankrupt
131 Puzzling Perception: spectator selects the missing puzzle piece
133 Digital Kicker: memorization demonstration
136 Go Weigh: a personal item changes it weight
137 Poor Man’s Room Service: room number of key card matches folder
138 Future’s Window: future prediction using a windowed envelope
139 Aura-Matic: performer determines which of four coins was held
140 Mentalism Goes Postal: mentalist determines who has which picture postcard
144 Duplicitous Business: business card mentalism
146 Korano Blanco: clever book test
147 Brain Book: a dictionary test
149 L.E.X.I.Con Revisited: Alphabet cards are selected to spell a randomly selected word
152 Opus Conversam: another approach for a similar effect
154 The X-Cards: credit card divination
156 Keys Royale: spectator selects the only key that opens a lock; with variations
161 Topologo: mentalist’s drawing matches a selected company logo

163 Lee Earle’s Sun Signs – Pseudo Psychometry
165 Welcome to Sun Signs: history of the cards
167 Sun Signs: how to produce the cards
169 Twelve Women Charts
173 Performance
177 Quotations
179 Printing Your Own Sun Signs Cards
179 Bonus Layout
170 Bonus Layout #2

191 SuperScript
194 Foreword
194 Foreword, 2002: updates since the original edition
195 This is SuperScript™
196 SuperScript: Question and Answer
196 The Basic Q & A Concept
198 Remote Control
199 The Self-Contained Folder
200 Making the SuperScript™ Materials
201 The Folders Do the Work
204 Openers
205 Closers
205 The Crimp
205 The “Hull Night Club Card” Principle
206 The Johnson Peek
206 The Sensational Closer
206 The Celebrity Signatures
206 The Reader’s Peek
207 Elementary Graphology
207 Baselines, Slants, & Zones
208 The Signature
209 The Inserts
210 The Folder, Outside
211 The Folder, Inside
212 Signature Sample Card
213 Graphology Sample Card

215 Pieces of My Mind: reprint of Lee Earle’s columns from M-U-M
221 Mentalism’s Missionary (Dr. Juris): a biography of Lee Earle
224 Intuitive Entertainment: essay on mental magic vs. mentalism
225 Defending Mental Magic: on making it entertaining
226 The Chasm: more on the chasm between mentalists and magicians
227 Out of Sight, Out of Mind: essay on hiding the magic, with a sample effect
228 Heinlein’s Rules: three ways of telling a lie
229 The Platinum Rule: Money and Mentalism
231 The Tinkerbell Corollary: exploring what’s the harm in a fantasy belief
232 Cities of Your Mind: using postcards for a mentalist effect
233 Equivoque Mis-spoke: and how to use it with a sample effect
235 So Do Something For Me: essay on impromptu mentalism
236 Travels With Larry: Lee’s notes on the Mental Magic Super Symposium tour
238 No Bozos: on clown acts and the impact on business
239 Remember the Little Boy: motivation advice
241 Seven Success Secrets: essay
242 Shadowcasting: muscle-reading with a sample application
243 Be Yourself: essay
244 Kreskin Socks It To ‘Em: a lesson in presentation
245 Read All About It!: introduction to SYZYGY
246 Keep it Believable: picking a premise and sticking with it
247 My Theory: on how to make mentalism more universally enjoyable
248 Premonitions: on leaving M-U-M
249 Five Foot Shelf: valuable book list for mentalism
251 Ten Best: tips for success
253 Sign Off: more farewells
254 Lotto Luck*: Lottery Prediction
256 A Penny For Thought*: one penny becomes bent in the spectator’s hand and they feel it
258 Aikido Arm*: a physical test
259 On Using “Room Service”: some tips, without revealing the actual method
260 Building The Legend: using opportunity
261 The Prettelus Effect*: using a gimmicked UPS overnight envelope

  • Publisher: SYZYGY Press
  • Pages: 264
  • Location: USA
  • Dimensions: 8″x11″
  • Date: 2003
  • Binding: softbound

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