It’s Fun To Be Fooled by Horace Goldin

(c. 1937,1981) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: Horace Goldin was the world’s greatest living magician. He has made stage history with some of his amazing inventions, and he has mystified more persons of note than any other illusionist.

This new reprint features two chapters not in the original printing and is well illustrated with photos and diagrams.


011 Chapter I: I Serve My Apprenticeship
026 Chapter II: Making My Way In The World of Magic
042 Chapter III: How I Became A Star
055 Chapter IV: My English Première
063 Chapter V: Playing Before The British Royal Family
079 Chapter VI: Taking Magic To The Home of Magic
091 Chapter VII: Days In Hawaii
102 Chapter VIII: The Birth of “A Woman Sawn In Half”
116 Chapter IX: My Fight For My Invention
126 Chapter X: Adventures The World Over
140 Chapter XI: The Boston Mystic Key
150 Chapter XII: My Publicity Stunts
165 Chapter XIII: The Indian Rope Trick: My Full Confession
173 Chapter XIV: The Story of Lily, The Tiger God
187 Chapter XV: Two Great Unperformed Miracles Explained
197 Chapter XVI: Brushes With The Law and With Swindlers
222 Chapter XVII: When I Cheated At Cards
232 Chapte XVIII: Tricks From My Repertoire
252 Chapter XIX: My Magic Talkies
261 Chapter XX: The Psychology of An Egg
267 Chapter XXI: Artistes I Have Helped
281 Chapter XXII: All Conjurers Are Crazy!

Horace Goldin as Yogi Carem Dumbila (Frontispiece)
028 Horace Goldin at the beginning of his career
044 Dreyfus escapes from Devil’s Island
056 A 1905 cartoon
072 Presents from Royalty
088 The programme for the command performance before H.M. the King of Siam
104 Goldin’s hands
104 Miss Irene Vanderbilt, the first woman to be “sawn in half”
120 The first version of “a woman sawn in half” (I)
136 The first version of “a woman sawn in half” (II)
152 The railway accident on the Los Angeles-Salt Lake City line
168 The goat act being built in the “Magic Shop”
184 The Hartz mountain goat act
208 Catching a bullet in mid-air
224 The dog that swallowed a rabbit
240 An oriental miracle
256 “A woman sawn in half,” second version
272 The Indian Rope Trick

188 Horse entering the box
188 Horse as seen by audience
189 Sawing through the horse
190 Method of raising and lowering container
191 Plan of cabinet
191 Statue of a girl used in “The Haunted Sculptor” trick
192 The Devil removing the statue
193 The statue in pieces
193 The statue comes to life
194 Diagram of “The Haunted Sculptor” trick

submitted by Evan Shuster

  • Publisher: Magico Magazine
  • Pages: 299
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Dimensions: 5″x7″
  • Date: 1937, 1981?
  • Binding: hardbound

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