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Impossibilia by John Bannon

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Details: Close-up magic of a different kind…the kind you’ll not only enjoy reading and thinking about, but wonderfully commercial routines you’ll actually perform. John Bannon’s Impossibilia contains over 33 fresh routines that will delight audiences and perplex other magicians. Best of all, any of the routines are either self-working or require minimal sleight of hand. Deluxe hardcover edition. Large format, fully illustrated, over 160 acid-free pages of worry-free magic.


iii Introduction (Harvey Rosenthal)
v Foreward

1 Play It Straight (Triumph)
4 Discrepancy City Prediction: Three prediction cards match selected card
6 The Unreal Work: Four Queens are dealt from the deck
8 Cries And Whispers: Jacks used to determine selected cards, then transpose with them
11 Oh Calcutta: Two predictions: thought of card, card dealt randomly
17 Twilight Zone Assembly: cards
22 ‘Twixt The Devil: Mystery card becomes the signed selection
25 Tourist Class Travellers: Queens travel to magicians pockets
28 Travelling Jack’s Sideshow Aces: A Jack assembly
33 Wild In The Straights: Spectator can’t find his card amongst Jokers
37 A Little T, T, and A: Four Aces quickly dealt out of a mixed deck, mixed deck rights itself
42 Shock Treatment: Card trick
45 Creased Lightning: Mercury Card Fold
50 Terrorist Card Vanish: Card to Can

53 Side FX
53 Two Ahead (Is Better Than One): A four coin matrix
59 Revolutionary Penetration: Chinese coin off string (shoelace)
63 The Brass Zero: 4″ ring off rope
66 Chop: Chop cup routine with several loads
72 Glass Reunion: Coins to glass
76 Shanghai Surprise: Copper and Silver routine with Chinese coin ending
82 Of Cups And Fuzzballs: Cups and Balls routine
94 Brass-Ackwards Production: Bills appear in a previously empty box
97 Flurry Production: Coin effect including a few splits
100 Triple Threat: Three coin coins across
104 Silver/Silver Transposition: Half and quarter transpose in spectator’s hand
108 Return To Spender: Another coin matrix, cards end up back at start

113 Special FX:
113 Photologic: playing card appears on previously blank slip of paper
118 The Birnman Revelation: Quick cut to the Aces
123 Coins Across The Water: Three marked coins are vanished and reappear inside an envelope
128 Shriek Of The Mutilated: Torn and burnt and restored cigarette paper

131 Bonus Section: Real Men Don’t Carry Coin Purses
132 Introduction: Moves and sleights with a coin purse
132 Part One – Sleights & Subtlety
134 – The Action Load
135 – The Action Steal
135 – Not So Secret Compartment
136 Part Two – Some Routines
136 Coin Of Voodoo: Chinese coin on string, ends up in coin purse
138 Pouched Copper/Silver: Marked half and copper transposition in coin purse
139 Five-Star Engraved Production: A brass disk in a coin purse holds a prediction of a card

142 Endpapers 

  • Publisher: L&L Publishing
  • Pages: 142
  • Location: Tahoma, CA, USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 1990
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for Impossibilia by John Bannon

  1. Anonymous

    Impossibilia: A Short Review

    This book contains very simple and easy to perform tricks that focus on performance over sleights. The effects are ALL powerful and things that you would use in everyday work. I am a card guy so I concentrated more on the card effects in this book and they are all amazing. The Bonus routine involving a card being "printed" is quite amazing if I say so myself. There is also a prediction effect which is simple, witty, and hard hitting. I recommend to pick this book up NOW if you want some new, intriguing, magic for your repertoire.

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