Ibidem – Vol. 3 by P. Howard Lyons

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Details: At long last, the third and final volume of the magic magazine that was so underground, it’s just now coming up for air. From 1963-1979 Howard Lyons’ Ibidem was so far ahead of the pack in innovative card magic, we’re still catching up to it. Reprinted in this jumbo volume are the final eight issues plus an unpublished issue of material from “crazy” Tom Ransom. 

Tossed in for good measure is Howard Lyons’ long-anticipated avant-garde magazine, Aziz, which Howard had begun assembling a few years before his death with the intentions that it would replace Ibidem. Unfortunately, Howard didn’t live long enough to get Aziz out, but the material collected for the first issue survived, and it makes up the first section of Aziz & Beyond. Also included is additional material by Howard and others, gathered from his files and other sources, which might not have been included were it not for Max Maven having done such an extraordinary job of unearthing, editing, interpreting and organizing this material. 

Ibidem 3 and Aziz & Beyond contain contributions by: Howard Lyons, Mel Stover, Peter Duffie, Allan Slaight, Ken Beale, Phil Goldstein, Robert E. Neale, Paul Swinford, J.K. Hartman, Ron Wohl and many others. 


679 Ibidem 29, August 1963
680 Editor’s Comments
681 Thought Penetration (Ed Marlo)
688 A Multiple Shift for Close-up (Neal Elias)
689 Multiple Shift (Neal Elias)
690 Four Ace Reverse (Neal Elias)
690 Clip PS (Norm Houghton)
691 The Presto Press (T S Ransom)
692 More Faces of Eve (T S Ransom)
693 Clap Hands (Bill Elliott)
694 Pitchman (Ron Edwards)
694 Pool Sign (Mel Stover)
695 Stranger in our Midst (Ron Edwards)
695 Puzzle Reflections
696 Dirty Old Mel (Mel Stover)
697 Double Hop (Hugh Scott via Jack Avis)
697 Fingered (The Amazing Randi)
698 Everything Easy (Ken Beale)
698 Aces to Order (Norman Houghton)
699 The Strayed Gambler (Stewart James)
700 Specialty Dice for Research
700 Fumbler’s Friend (Sam Randlett)
701 Double Faro (Sam Randlett)
701 A Moral Tale
702 Nic & Will (Hal Sparks)
703 QT (Dr Jaks via Lyons)
704 A Letter from Jaks (Stanley Jaks)
705 Lighted Alphanumeric Readouts
706 Variant opening page of Issue 29

707 Ibidem 30, November 1964
708 Editor’s Comments
709 Old Hat
709 Scientific Explanation of a Toy (reprint from two issues of Popular Mechanics)
711 Letter on “Randi’s Compleat Reader” (Tom Harris)
712 Mystery Loves Company (Ron Edwards)
712 ESP in Stereo (Ron Edwards)
713 cESPool (Ron Edwards)
713 Quote: Patterns of Culture (Ruth Benedict)
714 Extra Sensational Perception (Ron Edwards)
715 Out of this Country (Ron Edwards)
717 Natural Scent (Ken Beale)
718 Back to Aces (Norm Osborne)
718 Letter (Karl Fulves)
719 Four as Four Aces (Anthony J Gugliotta)
720 Diceptions (Ravelli of Switzerland)
720 Double Diception
721 Two Dice Procedure
721 Diception Coincidence 
722 Diception Transpo 
722 Diception Force 
723 Predicted Double Diception 
723 Brown Diception 
723 Brown Diception Variation 
723 Predicted Brown Diception Variation 
724 Predicted 2 Cards Diception 
724 Diception Myth 
724 3 Spectators Procedure (2 Dice) 
724 3 Cards Diception 
725 4 Cards Diception 
725 3 Spectators Procedure (3 Dice) 
725 Expanded Double Diception 
726 The Time Keeper (Karl Fulves)
726 Kiss (Mel Stover) 
730 All Fair Challenge Location (Jack Avis) 
730 7:15AM (after Ravelli) (Norm Houghton) 
731 The End (P H Lyons) 

733 Ibidem 31, December 1965 
734 Editor’s Comments (P H Lyons) 
735 Variations on a Theme: The Reverse Card (Arthur Hastings) 
735 Reverse Sleights 
735 Direct Reverse 
736 Turnover Pass Reverse 
736 Indirect Reverses 
736 The Direct Reverse 
736 I Can’t Find Your Card 
736 A One-way Deck Exposé 
736 Metamorphosis 
737 The Untouched Reverse 
737 Location
737 References 
737 Letter: Gambling Proposition (Norm Houghton) 
738 Finish for Oil & Water (Bill Simon) 
739 Puzzle Solution: Droodles (The Amazing Randi) 
739 Magnetic Miraskill (Allan Slaight) 
740 Magic Sex Detector Letters 
741 The Shrinking Card (William Miesel) 
742 Quote: Wall Street Journal, Ametek Advertisment, The Neg’ator 
742 Card thru Magazine (William Miesel) 
743 Passe-Passe Aces (William Miesel) 
744 Thirty Buck$!! (Walt Rollins) 
744 Ultimate Ultimate (Norm Houghton) 
745 Books in Print 1964, Erdnase listing (Mel Stover) 
745 If you like Puzzlers (Norman Houghton) 
746 *Confused Incomplete (Bruce Cervon) 
747 Dealer’s Choice (P H Lyons) 
747 Small Choice (P H Lyons) 
748 Sequence of Letters and Tricks from Karl Fulves (Karl Fulves) 
748 The Ledbetter Effect (Karl Fulves) 
750 Quote: Newsweek (Coin Migration) 
750 Fourtold Retold (Karl Fulves) 
751 Reconstruction (Karl Fulves) 
754 Letter: Requesting an Appearance (Karl Fulves) 
754 Secret Service (Ric Schonblum)
755 Sensually Stacked (Bob Neale) 
755 Letter Column 
755 Mel Brown 
756 Tom Harris 
756 Robert Lund 
756 John Beck 
756 Charles Kalish 
756 Paul Curry 
757 Bill Simon 
758 Ibidem Reviewed 

759 Ibidem 32, July 1967 
760 Editor’s Comments (P H Lyons) 
762 Faroyal (Allan Slaight) 
765 The Eclectic Deck (Allan Slaight) 
776 Letter: Annual Nasty Letter (Norm Houghton) 
776 To The Last Card (Norm Houghton) 
778 Ambition without Cause (Arthur Hastings) 
779 Simply Wizard (P H Lyons) 
779 Ceiling Unlimited (Charles Aste, Jr) 
780 Suits That Fit (Charles Aste, Jr) 
780 What    Both? (P H Lyons) 
781 Special Note: Price Increase (P H Lyons) 

783 Ibidem 33, July 1968 
784 Editor’s Comments (P H Lyons) 
785 Quote: Reproduction of advertisement, “Ten Easy Ways to develop your ESP” (Department of Trade and Commerce of the Canadian Government) 
789 New Deck Progressive (Allan Slaight) 
792 Would You Believe 5? (Mel Stover) 
793 Oil and Walter (Walt Rollins) 
793 Mine Don’t Smell (P H Lyons) 
794 Six Cards Pete (P H Lyons) 
795 Anecdote: Changing Direction (Bruce Cervon) 
795 Distribution (Ed Marlo) 
796 Order Beadless Abacus (P H Lyons) 
796 Net Ball (Danny Tong) 
798 Puzzles: Penny Pick-up (Mel Stover) & Nim Variation (Dr Lasker) 
798 Knees Up (Danny Tong) 
799 A Southern Spell (Paul Marcus) 
801 Letter: Thoughts and Additional Handling on Ultimate Color Separation (Martin Gardner) 
801 Trick Brain Tumors 
803 Beadless Abacus (Mel Stover) 
805 Letter: Issue Urging (Rick Johnsson) 
805 Nickel Nickel (Bill Ewington) 
806 Ibidem Reviewed 

807 Ibidem 34 & 35, August 1969 
808 Editor’s Comments (P H Lyons) 
810 Pick Palming 
811 Conjurers, Laymen and Mirrors (Roy Walton) 
811 Second Thoughts (Roy Walton) 
812 Vanishing Water (Roy Walton) 
813 On the Side of the Angels (Roy Walton) 
813 Card Case (Roy Walton)
815 Simplicity Lead In (Roy Walton) 
815 Computational Analysis 
815 Predicted Gilbreath (Roy Walton) 
816 Cheaters’ Gilbreath (Roy Walton) 
816 Reference to “The Helical Card Trick” and Abra 5000 
817 Game Law (Roy Walton) 
818 Second Thoughts on Gilbreath (Roy Walton) 
819 Found-Two Cards (Roy Walton)
820 Second Thoughts on Gilbreath “Again” (Roy Walton) 
820 Gabbatha Riddle Solved (Tom Bowyer)
821 Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (Roy Walton) 
821 Powdered Water & Anecdote (P H Lyons) 
822 Second Thoughts on Four Aces (Roy Walton) 
823 Two Small Ideas with Small Cards (Roy Walton) 
823 Crash Diet 
823 Card in Purse 
824 Treble Trouble (Roy Walton) 
824 Sans Wizard (Roy Walton) 
826 The Royverse (Roy Walton) 
826 A Simple Trick using the Move 
827 Named-Card Shuffle (Roy Walton) 
827 Second Thoughts on Oil and Water (Roy Walton) 
828 Pull-Down Move (Ed Marlo) 
831 Marlo’s Multiple Cull (Ed Marlo) 
832 The Breakdown Extended 
833 Mexican Joe’s Dream (Ed Marlo) 
834 The Layman’s Dream (Ed Marlo) 
835 The Free Force Transposition (Ed Marlo) 
836 Instant Emulsion (Robin Robertson) 
837 Dam You, Charlie Brown (Research by Martin Gardner-Assembly by P H Lyons) 
838 Shifty (Norm Houghton) 
839 H2Oil (Ron Edwards)
840 A Study in Frustration (Ron Edwards) 
842 Swiss Checkers (Ravelli) 
843 Fat Chance (P H Lyons)
844 Face-Up Count (Bruce Cervon) 
845 Turnabout is Faro Play (Bruce Cervon) 
845 Turbid Tinges (Duane G Henry) 
846 Two Much and More (Duane G Henry) 
847 More Droodle Answers (2002) 
848 Aces Apart (P H Lyons) 
848 Aces Over (P H Lyons) 
849 Gene Gordon’s Routine for the Leprechauns (Gene Gordon) 
850 The Vanishing Dollar Forty-Nine (W A Elliott) 
852 Stinger to the Leprechauns (Bob Little) & Combining Leprechauns (P H Lyons)

853 Ibidem 36, March 1979 
854 Editor’s Comments (P H Lyons) 
854 Letter: (Ravelli) 
855 Letter: On 37 (Jerry Fulton)
858 The Mathematics of the Weave Shuffle 
858 Introduction 
858 11 Terminology 
859 12 The Out-Weave Equation 
859 13 To Return a Pack to the Original Order with Out-Weaves 
862 14 To Reverse a Pack with Out-Weaves 
864 15 The General In-Weave Equation 
865 16 To Return a Pack to the Original Order with In-Weaves 
865 17 To Reverse a Pack with In-Weaves 
865 18 Summary of the Out- and In-Shuffle 
865 19 The Odd-Pack Weave 
867 10 Card at N-Fold Places 
869 11 In and Out Odd-Weaves 
869 12 The Behavior of a Difference in Faro Shuffles 
870 13 The Mathematics of the Double, Triple and Multiple Faro 
871 Nicknotchka Promotional (P H Lyons) 
871 Appendix (Ravelli) 
871 The Endless Mind Reader
872 The Fail-Proof Mind Reader 
873 The Memorized Faro Shuffle Pack
874 More Quiz Biz Faro 
874 Let Me Count The Ways (Karl Fulves) 
875 Notohp (Jerry Fulton) 
876 Elements of Topology (P H Lyons) 
877 +Oraclu+ (T S Ransom) 
879 Shadow Line 1 (Jack Graver & James Robertson) 
881 Shadow Line 2 (Jack Graver & James Robertson) 
882 Abbie Hoffman (P H Lyons) 

883 Ibidem 37 
884 Editor’s Comments (Max Maven)
886 Surprise Sealed Hand in Envelope Prediction (Tom Ransom)
887 The Brown Beater (Tom Ransom) 
887 Brownwave Prediction (Tom Ransom) 
888 Coincidence Stop (Tom Ransom) 
889 Simplest Coincidence Stop (Tom Ransom) 
889 Three-Pellet Trick Impromptu (Tom Ransom) 
889 Late Entry (Tom Ransom) 
890 The Knock-Kneed Acquitment (Tom Ransom) 
892 Development of the Staystack System (Tom Ransom) 
893 Card Sense (By Computer) (Tom Ransom) 
895 Shortcuts (Tom Ransom) 
896 Automatic Seconds/Thirds (Tom Ransom) 
897 Big Gamble (Tom Ransom) 
898 Kindergarten Poker (Tom Ransom) 
899 A Kinder, Gentler Garten (Phil Goldstein) 
901 Alphanumeric Artifice (Tom Ransom) 
901 Trick Brain Tumors 
902 Equal Shot Lota (Tom Ransom) 
902 Test Ease (Tom Ransom) 
903 Duped Again! (Tom Ransom) 
905 The Real Work on One-Way Faces (Tom Ransom) 
906 Paradoxymoron (Tom Ransom) 
907 Trick Brain Tumors 
908 Ibidem Bones 908

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Contents: AZIZ

2 Parallel Lyons (Max Maven)
3 Publisher’s Palaver (P H Lyons)
4 Tailor (Phil Goldstein)
4 Squaring Up
5 Impromptu Tailor (Phil Goldstein)
5 Kidshow Komments (Wm M Thackery)
6 Synchronicity! (Bill Elliott)
8 That Seems Reasonable (P H Lyons)
8 Fourthed (J K Hartman)
10 Nine Nine Nine (Mel Stover)
12 Historical Hi-Jinks (Anonymous)
12 Squaring Up
13 Final Solution of an Impossibility (Tom Ransom)
14 Squaring Up 
15 & BEYOND Part One
16 Reading Between the Lyons (Max Maven)
17 Where Did I Read This Before (P H Lyons)
17 On the Si Stebbins System (P H Lyons)
19 Confusion (P H Lyons)
19 Squaring Up
20 Off-Beat (P H Lyons)
21 Something Is Missing (P H Lyons)
21 And So Force (P H Lyons)
22 Force2 (Phil Goldstein)
23 Prophet Sharing (P H Lyons)
23 The Mirror Grid (Peter Duffie)
24 The Bard and the Bible (Allan Slaight)
27 & BEYOND Part Two
28 Vaults Time (Max Maven)
30 Son of PSI Stebbins (Ken Beale)
31 Triffids (Ken Beale)
31 Up The Escalator (Ken Beale)
32 Beale’s Treat (Ken Beale)
34 The Initial Coincidence (Don Costello)
35 Squaring Up
36 Not a Shadow of a Chance (P H Lyons)
37 Belling the Catch (Phil Goldstein)
39 The Mystery of the Seventh Sixth Fifth Fourth Third Card 
40 Nicknotchka (Sam Randlett)
41 & BEYOND Part Three
42 Op Cit (Max Maven)
42 Squaring Up
43 Missing Mississippi (Stewart James & Howard Lyons)
46 PUZ and ZEL (Martin Gardner)
46 Ex-Sept (Phil Goldstein)
47 An Essay on the Self-Locating Stack (Robert Neale)
48 Preliminary Findings
48 Tiny Packet Exercises
48 The Right Card in The Right Place
49 Shuffle Exercises
49 Success and Failure
49 Dealing Exercises
50 Dealing Odd Stacks
51 The Long Enough Shorter Version
51 The World’s Worst Packet Trick
52 Seeing Stars
53 Trick Brain Tumors
53 Squaring Up
55 & BEYOND Part Four
56 Swinford, Fall Back (Max Maven)
56 The Three-Pile Problem (Paul Swinford)
56 Foreword
57 Ternary Trauma
58 Face-Down Trauma
59 Reverse Trauma
60 Face-Down Reverse Trauma
62 A Thought Spelled Out
63 Top and Bottom
65 Ternarial Transposition
66 Face-Down Transposition
67 Odds: 700 to 1
68 Transposition sans Automation
69 Predicto-Spell
71 The Diamond Hunter
71 Addendum
73 Trick Brain Tumors
75 & BEYOND Part Five
76 Unravelling Ravelli (Max Maven) 
76 The Mathematics of the Weave Shuffle, Continued (Ron Wohl) 
76 The Diminished Pack Faro 
77 The Enlarged Pack Faro 
79 Enlarged Faro Addenda 
79 Diminished Faro Addenda 
80 The Partial Faro 
81 The Backward Faros 
82 Expanding a Sequence 
83 Reducing a Sequence
83 The Faro Peek 
88 The Mathematics of the Backward Faro 
90 Summary and Some Observations 
90 More Mathematics of the Backward Faro
91 Faro Coincidences 
92 Mathematical Coincidences 
92 The Coincidence Pack 
92 Result of Faro 
92 Power of Faro 
93 Unbelievable Faro 
93 The Multiple Coincidence Principle 
94 Dealing According to Peirce 
95 The Relative Peirce 
96 Diminished Pack Procedures 
97 Simplicity Pick-Up  Procedures 
97 Australian Faros 
97 Predictomatch
98 Triple Predictomatch 
98 Double Predictomatch 
99 Fifty-Two-Card Double Predictomatch 
100 Predictocut 
100 Australian Faro Force 
101 Fifty-Two-Card Australian Faro Force 
101 Australian Faro Force QuadrUp lets 
102 Mathematical Coincidence Applications 
105 & BEYOND Part Six 
106 Ibidementia (Max Maven) 
107 Moves, Man! (P H Lyons) 
107 Flush It, Mac! (P H Lyons) 
108 Flusherer (Phil Goldstein) 
109 That’s What I Call Direct! (P H Lyons) 
109 Pull Up  (P H Lyons) 
110 3 Out Of 2 Ain’t Bad (P H Lyons) 
111 Difficult as XYZ (P H Lyons & Phil Goldstein) 
113 Squaring Up 
119 Endnote

  • Publisher: Hermetic Press
  • Pages: 344
  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Edited by: Max Maven, Tom Ransom, Matthew Field, et al
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2002
  • Binding: hardbound

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