The Footprints on the Ceiling by Clayton Rawson

(c. 1939,1979) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Details: What you’ll learn from reading this novel: You’ll learn how a woman suffering from acute fear of open spaces could be found murdered in a house miles away from her own. You’ll learn why footprints were discovered on the ceiling of the room in which her body was discovered. You’ll learn how a man could die of the bends (in a locked room, of course) on the 21st floor of a New York hotel. You’ll learn of the sunken treasure in the hold of the frigate HMS Hussar in New York’s East River just off 130th Street. And above all, you’ll learn why they call him the Great Merlini!

  • Publisher: Gregg Press
  • Pages: 255
  • Location: Boston, USA
  • Edited by: Otto Penzler
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1939, 1979
  • Binding: hardbound

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