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Fechter – The Magic of Eddie Fechter by Jerry Mentzer, Eddie Fechter

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Details: This is THE book on the work of the renowned bar magician and founder of the legendary 4F Convention.

Out of print for years….even used copies were difficult to find! This is THE book on the work of Eddie Fechter, renowned bar magician and founder of the legendary 4F Convention.

You’ll find an entire chapter devoted to tricks and ideas with “peeks”. Not to mention superb effects like You Would Lose, The Eight Coin Trick, That’s It, Fechter’s Invisible Pass, Be Honest – What Is It?, Fechter’s Aces, Card On Ceiling, and so much more! This book also includes the full text of Magician Nitely, the original Fechter book. Loaded with powerful, practical magic, PLUS…page after page of stories, gags, shtick, photos and history.

“Eddie Fechter is most certainly one of the rare few who has all the attributes that combine to make him a superlative performer.” Dai Vernon

Contents (for first version):

VII Background Information: about Eddie Fechter and the Fork’s Hotel
XI Introduction (Dai Vernon)
XIII B&W Photo: Eddie Fechter

Chapter 1 Magic from the Fork’s Hotel
1 I’ve Got a Surprise For You: Clever “mistaken revelation” made right
5 Impromptu Torn and Restored Cigarette (Karl Norman)
10 Be Honest What Is It?: card trick with a follow-up
15 Goblin Tube: a gag trick
17 Fechter’s Aces: not your normal four Ace trick
24 Aces Up or Down: good follow-up
30 You’ve Been Real Good to Me: Clever card on the seat effect
34 Waterfall: showy card revelation

39 Chapter 2 Request Tricks
41 6-4-5 Coin: Eddie’s famous coins-across routine (just regular coins)
50 Eight to Twelve: cards change in quantity between two spectators
54 Card on the Ceiling (Karl Norman)
61 Fechter’s Brainwave: Uses a Brainwave or Ultra Mental deck

65 Chapter 3 Peeks
67 Introduction to Peeks: the advantages to Peeks, especially for the bar
69 Peek Force: a clever force
71 Multiple Force: for more than one card
74 Tiniest Peek I’ve Ever Seen: a subtlety
76 Peek and Key Combination
78 Glimpse: Eddie’s method
81 Peek Subtlety
83 Turn Around Peek Control: controlling a peeked card
87 Fechter’s Fan Glimpse
89 Cover for Peek Control
92 Two Card Control From Peek
94 Pseudo Three Card Peek Control
95 Eight Selections: fast revelation of eight card selections

103 Chapter 4 Miscellaneous
105 Flying Locator: face up card tossed into the deck finds selection
108 – Gallo’s Addition: nice flourish
112 Small Stock False Shuffle: to retain small stock in order at top of deck
114 Gambler’s Slip Cut: false cut
117 Auto Jog Control: controlling a selection
121 Spring Card Revelation: one-handed card revelation
124 Fechter’s Bluff Pass: improved handling
128 Bar Towel Force: great for the bar
130 Tips, Hints, and Bits of Business: some gags, quickies, and ideas

135 Chapter 5 Previous Offerings
137 Top Card Reversal: an original Fecther move
142 A Magical Prediction: works 8 out of 10 times, with an “out” for when it doesn’t
144 Knockout Prediction

  • Publisher: Jerry Mentzer
  • Pages: 265
  • Location: USA
  • Dimensions: 7″x10″
  • Date: 1993, 2003
  • Binding: hardbound

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1 review for Fechter – The Magic of Eddie Fechter by Jerry Mentzer, Eddie Fechter

  1. Sean Waters

    Hidden Gem!!!!

    If you haven’t heard anything about this book, it is a shame. The material is all practical, and commercial. The book really is a lot of fun to read and the effects are great to perform. Don’t be fooled by the cover, this book is full of entertaining stories, and routines from truly one of magic’s greats

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