Everything is Funnier With Monkeys by Doc Dixon

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Details: The author’s first book is filled with material straight from his professional act. Included are 26 excellent routines, mostly with playing cards, plus nine essays. Material includes Close-Up Matt, Doc’s very funny working of a Matt Schulien routine; Reshuffled, Paul Gertner’s Unshuffled with no reset; Potholio, Doc takes Mike Closes’ Pothole Trick in a new direction; Clippin’, a selected card appears folded under your money clip; Carpe Cajones, a really clever multiple prediction; plus much more. The essays are thought-provoking and cover many subjects which have not previously been discussed in print. The book will make you laugh and make you think! Highly recommended.

The Ad:

Waaaaaay back in mid 1997 I wrote the book, Everything is Funnier with Monkeys (EFM). Despite the odd title and very little promotion, the book sold well and received very favorable reviews from people like Michael Close, Jamy Ian Swiss and Phil Wilmarth.

For the past 13 years I’ve been hearing this: “Doc, when you going to reprint the book. I want a copy!” As much as I’d like to make those folks happy, I was just too busy with a performing career, a smokin’ hot wife and (now) four five kids.

Well, despite the fact that I’m still busy performing, my wife is even hotter and my kids are still awesome, I finally said, “what the heck” jumped in and have re-released the EFM as an ebook. Only $19.95, it is less than half the price of the original print version.

When EFM was written I was at the most “intense” strolling magic phase of my life and career. If you stroll, you need this book. 24 tricks, 8 essays, it may change the way you think about magic.

24 routines including:

  • RESHUFFLED automatically-resetting strolling version of unshuffled
  • TRIP TO THE CLIP signed card appears in money clip,
  • WALKIN’ MY BABY BACK HOME a wind up baby doll finds a selected card
  • PSYCHIC BUDDIES — the ORIGINAL cootie catcher fold trick
  • CARPE CAJONES — one of the most intriguing open index prediction effects of the past 20 years. More than a trick, it’s an entire concept.

I’m not going to do a hard sell on this. Ask anybody who has read it. It rocks.

Contents (from book ToC, page numbers added Feb 2019):

1 An Obscenely Flattering Introduction (Dan Harlan)
3 Hello: essay and introduction
6 Can You Do It For Drunk People: essay
9 Underhanded Ambition: Two ways to end Ambitious Card Routines
15 Watch This: Face-up Ace Of Spades under watch band changes to selection
18 Smell This: selection found with sense of smell
21 Stick This: signed sticker appears on selection
25 Walkin’ My Baby Back Home: wind-up doll finds selection
28 Psychic Buddies: “The Original Cootie Catcher Fold Trick”
35 Salad Bar: Essay
38 Change For The Bartender: money appears inside Gum Ball Machine
40 Memories: Essay
43 Real Estate / Words Have Meaning: Essay
46 Spitting Image: Pretzel vanishes and reappears inside envelope
49 Your Fly Is Down: Bar trick
51 Close Up Matt: another
54 Potholio: comedy Pothole trick
56 Socially Unacceptable:
59 Three-Legged White Cat in a Snow Blizzard
60 Poop-Up
62 Albinos Wrestling in Vanilla Ice Cream
63 Pec Deck: Essay
68 Whacked: Essay
73 Ethics Schmethics: Essay
76 Yuks: Essay
82 Crook Book: Pop Up Book card trick
84 Ships In The Night: Jacks change places with Aces
88 Brad Pit/Shark Wallet: Holdout Technique and Kaps/Balducci Wallet for an Envelope Load
92 Cards & Cash: Card and signed bill transpose
95 Clean: A non-table Poker Deal
98 Pinky Shift: Signed Card At Any Number107
101 Carpe Cajones: An Open Index Concept
104 Reshuffled: Resetting Version Of Unshuffled
107 Bye Bye: Essay

  • Publisher: Doc Dixon
  • Pages: 107
  • Location: USA
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Binding: softbound

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Approx. Price: $40.00 (2005) ***

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