Don England’s Paradox by Kevin Kelly, Don England

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Details: Inspired by Brother John Hamman and Ed Marlo, Don England is truly a modern day Hofzinser! For not since Hofzinser has there been such a prolific creator of ingenious gaffs and routines with prepared cards as Don England. A strong claim to be sure! But his book Gaffed to the Hilt provided strong support for such a claim. And now this book, Don England’s Paradox, will surely cement what many in the “underground” have known for years.

From the Introduction by Brother John Hamman, “What you will discover in this text are some of his explorations, some of his ‘open sesame!’ visual magic, some dreams. Enter and you will find some rare treasures. Not golden ‘oldies’ but ‘new gems’-new polished troves-for he is one of our genies that opens up the bottle of fascinating gimmicks.”

Contents (courtesy Denis Behr’s ConjuringArchive):

I Paradoxically Speaking
ii Kindred Spirits (David Solomon)
iii To a Friend (Brother John Hammon)

2 The Town Fool: coins
6 The Philosopher’s Stone: coins, Twilight variation
11 thgiliwT: another
18 The Three Card Repeat
21 The Cannibals Eight Too Much!: cards
26 Phase 51 – Revisited and In Color: card to pocket
31 P-51, This Time the Cards Are on the Table!
34 The 4’s Card Trick
37 Repeat Inversion
39 What If Six Turned Out to be Nines?
42 What If…Or Vice Versa!
43 A Get-Ready for Piet Forton’s Pop-Out Move
46 Open Travellers Plus One
51 We’re Three Fourth There
57 A Micro-Macro for Jokers
60 Micro Warp: card warp with shrinking card
63 Contrast!: cards
66 The Eye Exam: cards
68 The Optical Shrink
70 The Shrink
75 A Shrink to Pocket
78 The Little Big Card
82 Christine II: cards
84 Marlo’s Card Substitution
86 Warped and Single: bill and Card Warp
90 The Geiger Gaff
94 Double Crossed!
100 Early P.O.D.
104 Holy Tear!: coin
106 Kreskin, Eat Your Heart Out: sucker prediction
108 The Evolution Transposition
112 The Sympathy of Hearts
116 The English Chunnel: cards
119 D/Warp
122 The Card Collection
125 The Universal Card of Escorial
129 The Bag Lady
134 P.H.aradox
140 Slick Oil and Clarified Water
145 The Face Up Cards Through the Newspaper

150 Don England – Published and Marketed Effects (1978-2001)

  • Publisher: Kevin Kelly
  • Pages: 152
  • Location: IL, USA
  • Edited by: Matthew Field, Joy Kelly
  • Dimensions: 9″x11″
  • Date: 2001
  • Binding: hardbound

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